KL Rahul’s Ajinkya Rahane was excluded from the test series due to injury

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Published on: November 25, 2021

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Ajinkya Rahane, the substitute captain of the Indian team’s first test, admitted that KL Rahul was excluded from the test series against New Zealand due to injury, which was a huge blow. However, he expressed his belief that the young people in the team will come forward. In addition to Rahul, Virat Kohli has taken a break in the first test, while Rohit Sharma and Rishabh Pant will miss two tests.

In the pre-match press conference, Rahane admitted that India will miss Rahul because he is a very experienced candidate and is in good shape. The substitute captain said: “Look, when we learned that KL (Rahul) was injured and was unable to participate in these two test matches, it was a big blow. His performance in England was very good. He is in very good form, in T20. He played very well in China. Obviously, we will miss him, but we have someone who can fill that vacancy. They have done a good job for us with this experience in the past. Not too worried about slotting.”

In the absence of Coli, Sharma and Pant, Rahane added that the team will support these young people to complete this work. He admitted, “We will miss these three people (Coli, Sharma and Pant)” and added: But for all young people, this is a good opportunity to play. No matter who has the opportunity to hit the ball, they will support themselves and play freely. Rahul bhai (Dravid, head coach) supports everyone. This team is to support everyone and support each other. “

Rahane also confirmed that Shreyas Iyer will make his debut in the first test against New Zealand, while Rahul was excluded from the series due to a strained left thigh muscle. Rahane was quoted as saying: “Shreyas will make his debut. Unfortunately, KL is injured and will not participate in the test competition. So, Shreyas will make his debut tomorrow.”

In the case of India, the stadium is often a topic of controversy. When asked about the XI game, Rahane said they were not so sure because they didn’t know how the wicket would play. The 33-year-old admitted, “We are not sure about this combination. But in India, you usually get spin-friendly wickets, and the ball usually stays slightly low and slow. We look forward to it but are not sure that the wicket will be How it works. We will have to wait until tomorrow and then evaluate from there.”

India has won 16 games against New Zealand at home and only lost twice

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