KL Rahul always finds a way out

Kannur Lokesh Rahul, or KL Rahul known to the outside world, became 34day He will be the captain of the Indian men’s test team on Monday, and there is ample evidence that we will see him lead more times.

A cricket player who worked hard to find a place in the Indian team in January 2021. A cricket player who did not participate in the test for two years between 2019 and 2021. Although his data is impressive, he is in South Africa What is ahead of the game can be called a New Year’s surprise.

But not just wealth, his talent and hard work are fair, not just a movie comeback story, he is writing a fairy tale, the reality seems stranger than the novel. Maybe secretly like a downward slope before going up again. It’s like a story that he likes to come back. He stumbles like the protagonist in a Bollywood movie, and then suddenly stands up again.

He never seemed to be satisfied. This may have stemmed from his parents. According to him, they are still dissatisfied with the achievements of the ward because there is no engineering degree hanging on the wall of their living room. Appeared in the infamous “Koffee with Karan”).

KL Rahul-the center of a fairy tale tour in Karnataka

KL Rahul became the first cricket player in Karnataka to win three centuries of balls in a first-class cricket match.

Back in the early part of the past decade, the first major challenge he had to overcome in professional cricket was to show his presence in the highly competitive Karnataka game. In the 2010-11 season, he made his debut for Karnataka at the age of 19.

This is a Karnataka unit. Although it has produced many incredible geniuses, it has not won the Ranji title for more than a decade and strives to feel its presence among the Indian cricket elite. He won 143 runs in the championship and was very significantly excluded in the 2011/12 edition, and did not participate in their Ranji campaign.

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KB Pawanhe Robin Utapa In the beginning of the whole game, Karnataka played until the quarter-finals. Manish Pandey, Bharat Chipli and Ganesh Satish have always been in the middle position, at least in these positions has kept him from gaining a place. This situation continued until Ranji’s first half of the 2012/13 season, when he finally took the lead in the key game against Delhi.

The Karnataka selector did not announce a replacement after waiving KB Pawan, which allowed Rahul to play his first top-notch game in more than a year and a half. Before the game against Delhi, Rahul Dravid was present. He came to meet the players and gave an inspiring speech, which made the Bollywood sensation even more exciting.

He scored 400 points in 5 games, including 50 points in the quarter-finals against Solaštra, but they eventually lost. Don’t forget, in this domestic election, he also turned his arms many times. However, he is not the first Rahul to do everything as required.

The championship shortage in Karnataka continues to intensify, and the young Rahul finds it increasingly difficult to maintain relevance. But one thing we see from cricket players then and even now is to raise your hands to take responsibility. He hates being out of the spotlight, he may have some bad outings, but he will struggle to survive.

After Karnataka defeated Maharashtra in the Ranji Trophy final in Hyderabad in February 2014, KL Rahul said: “It feels like winning the World Cup.” He won the right to say that. , Scored as high as 1,033 in 10 games, only Kedar Jadaf Score higher that season (1,223 times). He supported this with 838 results next season. His performance in the group stage not only knocked on the door of the country, but also crushed them.

After getting two tests in Australia, he joined the group stage of Karnataka and defeated a three-ton player in a game against Uttar Pradesh, becoming the first ever to reach a top-notch cricket match. This number of Karnataka cricket players. When you reach places where Rahul Dravid, Gundappa Vishwanath, Venkatraman Subramanya or Brijesh Patel etc. cannot reach, you tend to immediately add value to your bet, which is exactly what this young man did.

Rahul always prioritizes teamwork

Although he has become a trusted source of running since he played an incredible IPL game for the Punjab Kings in 2018, KL Rahul has always had a hard time understanding what he should do when he is called up by the national team. The lack of clarity in his role, coupled with his lack of patience, gave him enough opportunities to get out of trouble, making this 29-year-old young man a nomad in an Indian environment.

He did advance to the 2019 World Cup with some odds and took the baton from Shikhar Dhawan, who was injured in the second game. Considering that he is ready to be at the middle level in this game, he is not at his best. He did achieve a century of results against Sri Lanka and increased his running record to 361 times.

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Then it was when Rahul appeared in any batting position but made a significant contribution. At that stage, he said enough, a lot of time was spent, and he would score no matter what. This is what he did in 2021 after India’s outstanding performance in Australia. He ranked fifth in ODI scores and quickly surpassed everyone to become the first choice for the opener in the test and T20Is.

It seems that the knack for keeping yourself relevant is easy to spread, but difficult to implement. Start running when you are in the middle, nothing more, nothing more. If the batsman does not finish the job, many aspects will be taken into account, but he did not give any reason, just score.

He is here now and has been appointed as the interim captain of the ODI and test team in one of India’s most difficult tournaments. Spent a century in the Centurion Fortress in South Africa. For a century he was named on the Lord’s Honor Committee and finally fulfilled the prophecy calling him “the next big thing”-KL Rahul is on the rise, this It may just be the beginning of another exciting stage in his career.

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