Junaid Khan Slams India for Refusing to Visit Pakistan for Asia Cup

In a fiery outburst, Pakistani fast bowler Junaid Khan has expressed his disappointment with India’s decision to opt out of the upcoming Asia Cup tournament held in his home country. Khan raised pertinent questions, highlighting that other international teams have comfortably visited Pakistan without any security concerns, leaving him puzzled as to why India differs in its stance.

If Australia and England can travel, why can’t India?

“The situation in Pakistan is good. If other teams are coming, such as Australia, England, South Africa, and New Zealand, and they have no security problems, then why does India have a problem? What is the reason for this? they Aliens from another world who have security problems? ” Junaid said while lashing out at BCCI and the Indian team.

Drawing attention to Pakistan’s cricketing prowess, Khan emphasized the importance of India’s participation for the tournament’s success. “The ICC should look into these issues; otherwise, cricket without Pakistan is impossible. Pakistan is not a small team; days ago, Pakistan was the world’s number one team and is still among the top three teams.”, he further added.

Pakistan proposed a hybrid model

To find a resolution to the entire situation, Pakistan had proposed a hybrid model during the Asian Cricket Council meeting. Under this model, all teams, except India, would play in Pakistan. India, on the other hand, would compete at a neutral venue Regretably, this proposal was rejected by India, who now advocate for the entire tournament to be held at a neutral location.

Amidst the escalating controversy, Pakistan has luckily retained the hosting rights for the 2023 Asia Cup as of now. However, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is considering the option of hosting matches involving India, including the final, in the United Arab Emirates ( UAE). This decision aims to ensure that the tournament proceeds smoothly while accommodating India’s preference for a neutral venue. But, with Sri Lanka and Bangladesh also joining the protest, it is more likely that the Asia Cup could be shifted somewhere else.

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