Joe Root’s Destiny Series

Joseph Edward Root. Born on December 30, 1990 in Sheffield, Yorkshire. If he is forced to retire tomorrow, he can proudly look back on his career. 23 test centuries, 2 Ashes victories, the World Cup named after him and the record of the number of wins by the England Test captain. Quite impressive.

However, if Root’s career is to be criticized, it will be his record. English and Australian players are defined by Ashes. The event that began in 1882 has now developed into one of the greatest competitions in sports. A raging fire poured into a 10.5 cm high clay urn, which dominated the hearts of cricket fans, players and commentators.

Root first tasted it in 2013, which can be said to be the pinnacle of England’s great era led by Andy Flower. Following the Trent Bridge thriller (including some of Stuart Broad’s antics), the second test is the House of Cricket. During that week, Root not only announced himself to Ashes Cricket, but also announced himself to Test Cricket.

Considering the mix and match between the then Australian captain Michael Clarke and goalkeeper Brad Harding, Rutter spent his entire life on the 8th position, and he used his iconic backfoot punch to hit his 50-year-old. A baby-faced Root continued to charge and score 180 points, establishing England’s victory.

The England team won the series with a score of 3-0. Root averaged 37.66 points per game. But in the year of the back-to-back Ashes series, England and their indestructible empire led by Flower unfortunately collapsed. The 5-0 defeat means the end of an era.

After being discarded 5day In the test conducted in Sydney, Rutte regained his place in the first test against Sri Lanka in 2014. That summer, Root’s fate changed. In the 3-1 victory over India at home, Root scored 518 points with an average of 103.60.

In the next few years, England’s new golden boy did not look back. In 2015, Root once again launched the family ashes series, which developed rapidly in Cardiff and Nottingham for centuries. The transition from the opener to the midfield has allowed Root to score more broadly. With his excellent status, he was selected as the ICC annual test team in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

In 2017, Root was awarded the captain of the England Test. It started so sweetly with 190 against South Africa. That summer, he maintained good form at home in the West Indies, and spent another century in Edgbaston’s day and night tests. However, that winter, things took a turn.

Australia. It is called the Holy Grail of British cricket for a reason. So many people tried, but they all failed. The joy of the 2010/11 season was accompanied by two 5-0 massacres in the 2006/07 season and the aforementioned 2013/14 season series. In 2017, England defeated Brisbane in their home games against South Africa and the West Indies. As Ben Stokes was not on the team after the incident at the Bristol nightclub, England and Rutter faced the bloody roar of the rampant Australian team.

In the first two tests, Root managed for two and a half centuries: in the first and second tests, they scored 51 and 67 points, respectively.No meaningful contribution in 3road Attention in the test game turned to MCG, where the drop in the ticket gate meant hitting heaven. Alastair Cook scored 244*. However, Root passed 50 points again, but failed to achieve a 3-digit score. The same disappointing story in Sydney: After suffering severe dehydration, 83 people were injured in the first game and 58 people retired in the second game.

Many starts, but no high scores. The elegant 80s won’t win many test competitions, but surely the 180s can (see Lords 2013). Therefore, Root’s conversion rate has been reviewed by many commentators. His captain is also under the microscope.

Leading a relatively weak England team against a strong opponent is very difficult. Although Anderson, Broad, and Vaux were at his disposal under the leaden sky, the decision to bowl first in Adelaide puzzled some people. Australian legend Ian Chapel made a powerful criticism, claiming that Root was too defensive in his approach and cared more about defensive running than actively looking for wickets.

The 4-0 bruise left a lot of self-reflection. Despite beating India 4-1 at home in the summer of 2018 and seeing Ben Stokes return to England, Root’s own state is really struggling: the home summer of 2018 is only a century, and the home summer of 2019 is No. Root is no longer considered one of the top players in the world. The “Big Four” in the cricket test lost a member, and Smith, Coley and Williamson left. However-after locking-Root took his game to a new level. In fact, there are so many that it is incomprehensible to ignore him when talking about the world’s top batsmen.

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2021 is always an important year for England, with 9 Tests against India and then Ashes. However, he completed the first part of the trip very smoothly.

The year started in Galle. Hot and humid, the ball spouted from the track in a typical Sri Lankan style. Although England’s batting team is struggling, Root is top-notch. He effortlessly dribbled the ball throughout the park, especially on the side of the leg, where he swept brilliantly and won 228 points in the game. The second test saw more of the same content: 186 was made slightly slower, but still won 6 wickets. One series goes down; one series wins.

Next is India. Their heroic performance in Gabba just a few months ago, we knew they would be tough opponents. Chennai was the venue for the first two test matches, and Routt once again confirmed his position on the international batting charts. His 218 helped England lead 0-1 in the series. However, things did not go according to plan since then, and Indian spinning mills entangled England in a net on favorable trajectories. The result was a 3-1 loss.

New Zealand (on the way to becoming the world test champion) is close behind. England now enjoys home court advantage, but it turns out that it is still a difficult series. A tie in the first test led to a difficult game in the second game. The fiasco on day 3 allowed New Zealand to chase only 38, and they dealt with it easily. Root’s domineering posture in winter seemed out of reach, and his confidence gradually faded.

Due to the absence of Stokes, the subsequent 5 tests against India became more difficult. However, Root’s response showed admirable maturity and interpersonal management skills, “I just hope my partner is okay” is his words. He had no effect on the team’s loss, and Stokes did not pressure him to return quickly.

Before turning his attention to Rod, Rain provided England with a prison exemption card in the first test. This time Root found his own feeling: Lords’ excellent 180 degrees…sound familiar? Coming to the fifth day, England was in an advantageous position. India led with 154 points, with 4 wickets left. Pant was fired early and the England team is heading for victory. But then Jasprit Bumrah came and the game got worse. Why did Root’s team become so defensive? Can he cope with these high-pressure situations? The pressure is coming again.

Headingley is 3road Test, Root County’s hometown, Yorkshire. The chaos of God was quickly forgotten, because the Indian team defeated their opponents in one game and 76 games. Not only is England back, Root is also back: 121 points in front of his home fans. Another conversion that matches the definition. Unfortunately, India won the 4thday The series of games then exited 5day Testing at Old Trafford frustrated Root’s team.

Attention now turns to winter and the trivial matter of recovering that little urn. Racism scandals have also increased the pressure, while preparations in England have been severely hampered by the rain. It never rains, it pours heavy rain for the ashes tourists below.

What happened on December 8day It’s anyone’s guess. However, one thing is certain. Now is the time for Root to show himself. He is not only a great figure in the history of British cricket, but also a great modern cricket sport around the world. Second, it seems that (if weather permits) Ashes will keep going, regardless of whether Root is executed or not.

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