Joe Root said that Moen Ali has the ability to win games with a racket and a ball

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Published on: August 11, 2021

The captain of the England Test team, Joe Root, asserted that the all-around player Moen Ali has the ability to win games for the team while holding a bat and a ball. Moeen has been taken to the England team to participate in the second test against India at Lord’s. The cricket player has an excellent record against India and will continue to maintain the same results. As Stuart Broad is uncertain in the second test that started on Thursday, Moeen is likely to enter XI.

In a virtual press conference on Tuesday, Root praised Moeen, “Just to go out and become Moeen Ali. He has the ability to go there to win games with a racket and a ball, and he has proven it. He has played his abilities when he enjoys He was the best cricket player when he was playing and full of confidence-it looks like that now, the way he got into the Centurion, and the way he led Birmingham Phoenix.”

Root added that if Moeen participates in the competition, he is happy to take a huge responsibility for Moeen, because he responds very well to it. The England captain further said: “He is a leader in the dressing room and has a very good personality. He carries people on the court and in the dressing room, so it would be great to have him come back,” he added.

England’s batting performed poorly in Nottingham’s first test, and Root ranked top with 50 points and 100 points in both games. Joining Moeen can help reduce some of England’s difficulties and bring some stability in the shot. Speaking of the all-around player, Root further said: “For a period of time, we have been doing our best to manage things, and I have always been a big fan of Mo. I think he is an excellent cricketer in various formats. I think he is a great ambassador for the game and I am very happy to see him return to the test arena, back to the test team.”

“This is his wonderful performance in Chennai. If he has the opportunity, he will desperately impress everyone and show everyone his outstanding performance in cricket and white ball cricket. He is certainly a very good one. Big competitor. We are not there yet, we will check the situation and weigh everything, but he is in a good game position,” he added.

The first test between India and England ended in a tie as the rain washed away the last day of Nottingham’s game.

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