Jay Shah’s Cryptic Clue Sparks Excitement: Hardik Pandya’s Impending Comeback?


In a recent update, Jay Shah, the secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), provided insights into various developments, including the potential return of star all-rounder Hardik Pandya and the opening of cricket academies in the north-eastern states of India.

Shah confirmed that the BCCI is closely monitoring Hardik Pandya’s recovery from the injury he sustained during the ODI World Cup 2023. According to Shah, Pandya, currently at the National Cricket Academy (NCA), is working diligently on his rehabilitation. The secretary expressed optimism, suggesting that Pandya could be fit for the Afghanistan series in January, featuring a three-match T20I series.

“We are monitoring it on a day-to-day basis. He is at NCA only, he is working very hard and we will let you know in due course the moment he is fit. He could be fit before the Afghanistan series also,” Shah stated.

Additionally, Shah revealed plans to establish cricket academies in the north-eastern states, addressing a historical neglect in cricket development. The academies are reportedly nearing completion, with Shah indicating an expected opening by August. This initiative is part of the BCCI’s commitment to fostering cricket growth in regions that have been underrepresented in the sport.

On another note, Shah touched upon the contract extension for India’s head coach, Rahul Dravid. While the extension has been granted, Shah mentioned that the details of the contract are yet to be finalized. He explained that discussions will take place after Dravid returns from the South Africa tour.

“We have given the extension but we are yet to finalize the contract. We did not get time at all, they finished (with the World Cup), I had a meeting with them and we agreed mutually that they would continue. We will sit down and decide once they return from South Africa,” Shah clarified.

The secretary’s updates provide cricket enthusiasts with a glimpse into the BCCI’s ongoing efforts to strengthen Indian cricket, both in terms of player fitness and the expansion of cricket infrastructure in underserved regions.

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