Jasprit Bumrah-A work of art, continuous progress

Jasprit Bumrah was born on this day in 1993 (6day December).

We once saw a man named Jeff Thompson stretch every muscle of his right arm as much as possible to play bowling at high speed. He is an unusual sight, but very effective. Then Lasith Malinga in early 21stYingshi In the century, following his sling movement, turning his arm over, his horizontal arm was almost parallel to the ground.

Paul Adams weaves his magic without first seeing it, and Ms. Donny Steve Smith’s batting technique has been talked about so far because it is clearly not orthodox. Not sure if people remember Kamran Khan from Rajasthan Royals, he is in a similar mode, has quite stressful behavior, but can’t survive for long.

The cricket game is not the most welcome to accept the weird way to get the job done, but time and time again, people like Malinga, MS Dhoni, Steve Smith have proved the fact that you will be in this aesthetically oriented The exercise keeps your own anomalous way in finding your place, once you start to get results.

Jasprit Bumrah made its IPL debut in 2013.

The situation was similar when Jasprit Bumrah entered the scene. We see Bumrah’s admiration and longing today. I wonder if anyone can foresee this admiration when he was 19 years old. He has just switched from a bowler of the Mumbai Indians to a first-time match against Royal Challenger Bangalore.

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The first ball he hit caught people’s attention. The way he raised his stiff, upright arms before the ball, and the way he threw the ball to the right-handed-he hardly had time to focus all his eyes on him.

After a few goals, he fired Virat Kohli. Despite being hit in some games, he still picked up 3 wickets. He only played twice for the Mumbai Indians in 2013, but they kept him the following season, and the only direction he started from there was upward, although the rise was slow and steady.

Experts questioned whether he could hold on for a long time, his movements exerted incredible pressure on his back. His inward throwing action deprived him of the privilege of passing the ball to the right-handed, which was seen as an obstacle. When he works through many of these critical methods, his accusations are predictable.

But one aspect of this fast bowler that makes him an inspiration for budding young cricketers is his ability to accept criticism of the jaw and improve his skills without losing the niche factors that put him aside , Appeared on another morning to move his heart out and win the game for one side. Few people in modern games are like him.

For a man who witnessed the death of his father at the age of 7, and was raised by his mother who was the principal of the school, perhaps many of the subsequent challenges were not that big. size.But time after time, Bumrah succeeded in swimming against the current and made people feel his presence

Fierce but with a smile on his face

Jaspritt Bumla

Bumrah is part of all five victories of the Mumbai Indians in the IPL.

Imagine that bowling is the key to the tournament finals, there is not much defense to defend, and your goalkeeper fails to grasp the rules and admits five byes. Quinton de Kock almost cost the Mumbai Indians in the 2019 IPL finals. At the time, he confessed five times to get nothing and put more pressure on the next bowler.

But Jasprite Bumla walked to his South African teammate and put his hand on his shoulder. We don’t know what the conversation between them was, but it seemed that the pitcher was comforting the goalkeeper. Belonging to the generation that saw Shoaib Akhtar, Brett Lee, Sreesanth, Dale Steyn and others, for a fierce fast bowler like Bumrah, it is unexpected to provide such a moment.

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This is the difference between him and others. Not only is he calm as ice when under pressure, he can also remain calm when things get bad. He could knock down a poisonous bodyguard, then return to his mark without saying a word, and follow a Yorkie-all without fuss.

He was not like this in his early years. He is the usual fast bowler, and when he picks up a wicket, he puts his excitement into the wayward celebration, sometimes on the face of his opponent. When he cleaned up Wankhede’s AB de Villiers in 2014 and then carried out a celebration that angered the disdain of many RCB fans, not many people would forget that scene.

Every year, after every difficult experience, he managed to get rid of these antics. He began to put every point of his energy into his bowling. In Virat Kohli’s cricket game, his hand may be one of the most critical hands.

In 24 tests, he caught 101 wickets with an average of 22.79. In 67 ODIs, he scalped 108 wickets with an average economy of 25.33 and 4.65. In the shortest format, he has 66 wickets in 55 appearances at an economy of 6.52. His IPL data is also very similar. He has 130 wickets in 106 games.

There is enough evidence to support the fact that he is now the best fast bowler in India. If anyone had told in 2013 that this thin cricketer with strange movements would continue to climb these heights, perhaps no one would believe it. This is Bumrah. What it represents, never succumb to the opinions around you, and keep confidence in what you are good at, because it will take you to your destination on a beautiful day.

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