James Bond vs. Jack Sparrow-Fictional Characters Eleven

As the rain spoiled the interesting ending of the test match, there was almost no live action to talk about. Therefore, Srinivas resorted to his own entertainment. enjoy…

When looking through the archives Cricket Monthly, I saw a fascinating article published in August 2018. The author is Anuj Vignesh, and it discusses the prospects of five popular comic book heroes playing cricket. Inspired by that article, here are 11 cricket players, made up of some well-known figures in the fictional world and some little-known figures.

(1) James Bond: Fashionable and (with) famous disobedience, the famous British fictional agent will play his natural game at the top of the command regardless of the situation. Therefore, consistency may not be his strong suit, but in current currency terms, he is an “influential person.” He is also an excellent outfielder, especially when slipping, he makes difficult catches look as easy as loosening a tie underwater (la la The world is not enough).

(2) Mycroft Holmes: Mycroft Holmes is considered to be smarter than his advisory detective brother Sherlock, but it is his bureaucratic calm that makes him an ideal opening foil for Bond. In addition, his aversion to field work means he can play close to the bat all day long-even if that in turn means playing at stupid points or in the front short leg position, which is usually reserved for rookies.

(3) Johnny English: He may be booed from time to time Johnny English strikes again But his loyalty to the team’s cause is unquestionable. This and his traditional methods make him the number one on this team, especially if Bond falls into a tricky wicket early.

(4) Bimkesh Bakshi: Byomkesh Bakshi is from the same Indian state as Sourav Ganguly. He hits the ball with a left-hander, no. 4. Bakshi is also a part-time leg spinner, he may have a golden arm, and knows that he often uses his brain to fight criminals, when to use his googly to stop a predatory hitter in his On the track.

(5) Mike Martin: Tall and strong-and a master of disguise, because he has a strong Asian character in Fredrick Forsyth’s novels, Dog of war and Afghan – Martin is the leading all-around player in this team. As a left-handed batsman and a right-armed fast mid-size bowler like Ben Stokes, he can also throw on turning tracks like Colin Miller used to.

(6) Claude Lebel: Claude Lebel was gentle at home and at work. As a police officer, he was still able to stop the assassin master codenamed Jackal in Fredrick Forsyth’s bestseller Day of the Jackal. Persuasiveness and personnel management are his strengths. I hope he can coax his tail to hit the ball with him, either pull the lead or save a game. The fact that he is French adds an interesting dimension to this basically English team.

(7) Harry Potter (Goalkeeper): For those accustomed to playing snitches in Quidditch matches, catching cricket must be a piece of cake. Potter may not be like Rishabh Pant with a batman, but this genius boy is resourceful and can contribute key low-level runs. Narrator: People just want him to keep the wickets while wearing his iconic glasses, not like Jack Ritchie, or knocking them off like Anil Kumble did in the second half of his career.

(8) Arthur Hastings: Although Hercule Poirot often graciously introduces him as his partner, in Agatha Christie’s story, Arthur Hastings appears to be a little superficial in thinking. However, his interest in cricket is real, as evidenced by the frequency of his attention to the Ash Test program during the investigation. In this team, he plays a tall, typical English right-arm pitcher who can use the long handle well.

(9) Peter Parker: The only superhero among the eleven, Peter Parker is also the only full-time spinner among them.When he is not saving his family, his love, the world or all of them, he is an excellent makeshift bowler-well disguised Dusla He hits the ball with clean moves-he can spin a metaphorical network around the batter at almost any wicket. He has a good defense. 9, but his only real shot is the gentle gentleness of the opposite side.

(10) Ebenezer Scrooge: Glenn McGrath of this team, the superficial protagonist of Charles Dickens Christmas carol Hate to give up running, and often allow other bowlers to get wickets, even if he doesn’t, because he will put pressure on the fourth stump line. As a batsman, he is both Courtney Walsh and Chris Martin. He is extremely proud of his highest score of 10 without being out!

(11) Jack Sparrow (C): Jack Sparrow’s long hair and changeable temperament are the team’s free-spirited fast bowler. When his mind and pitching direction are correct, he can immediately rush through any opponent. In addition, with many years of hard maritime experience, and he was known as a cunning pirate before him, he insisted that he was the captain of this team. The rest of the team made him.


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