Irish interprovincial T20 trophy, live cricket score of Leinster Lightning vs. Munster Reds in the 8th game of 2021

Hello everyone, and welcome to the live blog of the 2021 Irish Interprovincial T20 Trophy LLG vs. MUR live cricket match, and comment on ball by ball.

Leinster Lightning

Munster Reds

The game has not yet started

2021 Irish Interprovincial T20 Trophy

Brady Cricket Club, Brady

Start date: June 25, 2021

Leinster Lightning vs. Munster Reds live cricket score

Keep in touch with us and win the Irish interprovincial T20 trophy. In the 8th game of 2021, LLG vs. MUR real-time score ball-by-ball comments and minute-by-minute real-time updates.

Lineup of two teams

Leinster Chargers:

Tim Techt, George Dockrell, Kevin O’Brien, Simmy Singer, Locken Tucker, David O’Haroland, James Newland, Jonathan Gas, Joe Sh Little, Peter Chase, Rory Anders, Andy Barberney, Barry McCarthy, Jack Techt, Jamie Grassy

Munster Red Team:

Curtis Camfer, Gareth Delany, Simos Lynch, Peter Moore, Aaron Cowley, Phine Hand, Tyrone Kane, Cormac McLaughlin- Gavin, Greg Ford, Matt Ford, Murray Cummins, Amish Sidhu

LLG vs MUR Live Cricket scoreball review and quick scorecard update

Watch the Irish Interprovincial T20 Trophy, the 8th game of 2021, LLG’s real-time score against MUR and Cricadium’s ball-by-ball comments, and get quick scorecard updates and minute-by-minute real-time updates.

Competition details

time: The event will start at 8:30 PM (IST) on Friday, June 25, 2021.

location: Brady Cricket Club, Brady.

For LLG and MUR live cricket matches, ball-by-ball comments remain in touch with Cricadium.

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