Ireland captain Andrew Balbirnie talks about the team’s testing status


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Published on: December 23, 2021

Irish captain Andrew Balbirnie (Andrew Balbirnie) once said that becoming an official ICC member is not just a name. Balbini pointed out that although Ireland qualified for the test in 2018, they have only participated in three tests so far, the last time they played against England more than two years ago.

Ireland is currently on a limited tour of the United States and the West Indies. Before the series began, Barbini sighed when he told ESPN Cricinfo: “We are test members or full members, but at the moment it just feels like a name. Nothing really shows. We spent our time at Lord’s and Malahide. It’s a good time, but other than that, I can only see one name. We haven’t participated in a test match for three years in the summer.”

Irish full membership means that after a two-year grace period, their players are no longer eligible to become county cricket natives. According to Balbini, this is also detrimental to young cricketers. Speaking of the same thing, he added: “In my opinion, this is very detrimental to some young cricketers here. It is very disappointing to watch all these wonderful test series all over the world-especially Ashes, Staying up late to watch such a historic series. I went back to that God’s test because it was the highlight of my career. For young people who may never have that experience again, it’s very disappointing.”

Ireland will play two T20I series in Florida and three one-day series against the United States

The Irish team’s T20 World Cup match in the UAE was disappointing. They failed to pass the first round and could not make it to the Super 12. Looking back on Ireland’s World Cup journey, Balbini agreed, “We are very disappointed in the T20 World Cup. This is just a chance to go out and try to have a little freedom, so that they have the confidence to express themselves. It’s easy to say, but once we get past We all have to go out and do that line. During the time we spent here, I saw a lot of good things.”

Ireland has eliminated veteran cricketer Kevin O’Brien from the team. Balbini himself will start with Paul Sterling instead of O’Brien.

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