IPL 2022 Auction Live Updates: Full List of Players Sold, Unsold, Purse Remaining, Complete Squads of all 10 Teams, Highest Bid and Most Expensive Player


Welcome to CricXtasy’s Live Updates for IPL 2022 Auction. 10 Teams will be participating in this auction, including the two new teams – Lucknow Super Giants and Gujarat Titans.

Feb 12, 4:15 PM IST

Set 4 – Wicket Keepers 

  • This is moving quickly, with Matthew Wade to start proceedings. Base Price of INR 2 Crores
    And after a long time without any bids, WADE IS UNSOLD
  • Ambati Rayudu next – Base Price at INR 2 crores
    CSK start bidding, along with DC and quickly reach 400L, with CSK on top. SRH bid now, but CSK keep going without hesitation. CSK want their old player back and CSK take it to 575L, at the moment. SRH take it to 600L, but CSK raise it once more. The same process is repeated again, and CSK is still on top.
  • ISHAN KISHAN next: Base Price at INR 2 crores
    This is going to be interesting. MI raise the paddle quickly, and PBKS offer competition. All of a sudden, Kishan reaches 500L and the bids show no signs of stopping anytime soon. They pause slightly at 575L, with MI on top and PBKS keep going. MI seem determined to get him back, and go on relentlessly. Heavy discussion at the PBKS table and they take it to 750L. MI keep going without hesitation as PBKS pause and see how far they can keep going. GT join the fray now, but MI refuse to yield. Ishan Kishan reaches 10 crores in the blink of an eye, as MI and GT keep going. MI on top at 10.25 crores now, and GT go further. And now, MI start discussing, but still choose to go ahead for now. Ishan at 11.75 crores with MI on top…..and GT still go on. And so do MI. ISHAN BECOMES THE MOST EXPENSIVE PLAYER SO FAR AT 1275L from MI. SRH JOIN NOW, boy, this is still going strong! Ishan reaches 1400L! And no surprises, as MI keep going higher. SRH move it up to 1450L and MI respond by going to 1475L. Wow, as Mr. Sharma says – Ishan has reached INR 15 crores….and keeps going higher! This is insane bidding by MI – at 15.25 crores. Jayawardene seems to be smiling underneath his mask and…..

Feb 12, 3:45 PM IST

We’re back! The bidding is about to resume for Wanindu Hasaranga, with Mr. Charu Sharma taking over as the Auctioneer. He provides a quick update on Mr Edmeades, who is in a stable condition.

  • Wanindu Hasaranga at 10.75 crores, RCB bidding. AND HE’S SOLD TO RCB FOR 10.75 CRORES!
  • Washington Sundar next. Base Price – INR 1.5 Crores
    No bids for this young Indian all-rounder, yet….and finally, GT make a bid – taking it to 160L. PBKS raising their paddle and they keep going back and forth. 200L, 210L, 220L it keeps going higher between these two franchises. GT raise it to 260L after a brief discussion, and DC jump in with Washington’s stocks rising quickly all of a sudden all the way to 500L – a tussle between DC and GT. This has quickly gone beyond 650L and neither franchise seems to be willing to let go. 750L, say DC and SRH join the bidding war and raise it further! There are lots of discussions going on, and LSG come in as well. In the span of a few moments, the amount has jumped to 875L by SRH.
  • Krunal Pandya is the next player, with a Base Price of INR 2 crores
    PBKS kick off the bidding, with CSK joining in. There’s a quick set of back-and-forths between these two franchises, and as they take a moment to breath, Krunal has reached 400L, with neither side looking like they’re going to back down. 500L by CSK, and PBKS take it further ahead. SRH join in now, against PBKS – at 550L by SRH now. Muted discussions at the various tables and LSG start their bids now. 625L from LSG, and SRH take it further, only for LSG to raise it higher without hesitation! 700L by SRH. and LSG take another step further. Wow, GT raise the paddle now. The amount is now at 800L, from GT. There’s still more, as LSG raise it and now GT back out.
  • Next up is Mitchell Marsh: Base Price – INR 2 crores
    After a short while, SRH chip in with the first bid. and GT show some interest. Marsh’s salary has doubled quickly, and shows signs of increasing yet further. SRH and GT locked in, and Marsh is at 500L quickly, with DC making the bid. SRH and DC keep going, and after some time, SRH raise it to 575L only for DC to go to 600L in an instant. They seem to be debating whether to go ahead or not….and they do – 625L is it for Marsh. 650L by DC, and SRH back out, finally.
  • Last one in this set, Mohammad Nabi – Base Price of INR 1 crore
    And after a long time with no bids, MOHAMMAD NABI IS UNSOLD for now

Feb 12, 3:35 PM IST

Right, we’re still waiting for the resumption. There has been a slight delay and the Auction is set to resume in 10 minutes. Wanindu Hasaranga, the burgeoning Sri Lankan spinner, had reached 10 crores before the Auction was halted. The Auction is set to resume with him, after which there are some more all-rounders in the current Set. The next one, Set 4, has wicket keepers. That should prove to be exciting, with players like Ishan Kishan, Jonny Bairstow, and Dinesh Karthik to watch out for.

Feb 12, 3:00 PM IST

Confirmation now that the presenter Charu Sharma will conduct the rest of the auction.

Feb 12, 2:30 PM IST

The Auction is set to resume at 3:30 PM IST, in an hour. The official word from Bangalore is that Edmeades had a sudden dip in blood pressure, but he is stable now and will resume proceedings after lunch.

Feb 12, 2:25 PM IST

The latest update is that Hugh Edmeades is fine as we break off for lunch.

Feb 12, 2:20 PM IST

Lunch has been taken, as we wait for further updates. Meanwhile, here’s a quick summary of Set – 2: 

List Sr.No. 2022 Set First Name Surname Country Age Specialism C/U/A Base price Sold to Final Price
11 BA1 Shimron Hetmyer West Indies 25 BATSMAN Capped 150 RR 8.5cr
12 BA1 David Miller South Africa 32 BATSMAN Capped 100 UNSOLD
13 BA1 Devdutt Padikkal India 21 BATSMAN Capped 200 RR 7.75cr
14 BA1 Manish Pandey India 32 BATSMAN Capped 100 LSG 4.6cr
15 BA1 Suresh Raina India 35 BATSMAN Capped 200 UNSOLD
16 BA1 Jason Roy England 31 BATSMAN Capped 200 GT 2cr
17 BA1 Steve Smith Australia 32 BATSMAN Capped 200 UNSOLD
18 BA1 Robin Uthappa India 36 BATSMAN Capped 200 CSK 2cr

Feb 12, 2:14 PM IST
A medical emergency here! The Auction is temporarily halted as the Auctioneer, Hugh Edmeades has fallen unconscious.
An unexpected turn of events. We hope the emergency is resolved as soon as possible and he is safe. Stay tuned for further updates as we get them.

Feb 12, 1:37 PM IST

SET 3 coming up – All-Rounders

  • Dwayne Bravo: Base Price – INR 2 crores
    CSK start bidding for their man! SRH providing competition, but back out at 320L, only for DC to take it up to 340L. CSK take it higher. Goes above 400L.
  • Nitish Rana is up now. Base Price of INR 1 crore
    KKR and MI bidding for Rana. Taking it to 500L without hesitation – these two franchises. And CSK jump in now, and so does LSG. Going upto 700L and KKR still pushing on with determination. 800L now, by KKR.
  • Jason Holder – Base Price of INR 1.5 crores
    Too many bids for Big Jase. going beyond 5 crores in seconds. CSK and MI fighting fiercely. RR take over at 550L. 600L, and some hesitation, as LSG are also bidding now. CSK have backed out. RR take it to 700L for the West Indian all-rounder, but LSG refuse to let go! Holder going beyond 10 times his salary or 75L in IPL 2021. MI take it to 8 crores! Discussion at the RR table and they push yet further.
  • Shakib al Hasan, with a Base Price of INR 2 crores
    No one is interested, shockingly and SHAKIB IS UNSOLD!
  • Harshal Patel: Base Price INR 2 crores
    RCB and CSK bidding without hesitation for Harshal Patel, taking it all the way to 440L before pausing. SRH come in now, take it higher. Harshal going beyond 600L in a matter of seconds. SRH take it to 700L. And RCB going further – up to 875L now. 900L! Will Harshal reach 10 crores? YES HE DOES, after an intense discussion at the SRH table. RCB at 10.75 crores!
  • Deepak Hooda, with a Base Price of INR 75L
    RR start bidding for Hooda. RCB bidding once more, Hooda going up to 1.5 crores as the two franchises take a few seconds to think. RR go higher – 170L. MI raise the paddle now, taking it to 180L. And CSK suddenly come in as well as Hooda goes upto 340L in a few seconds. LSG raise it now, but CSK keep going – 4 crores now for Hooda. CSK take it to 5 crores, and the bidding is still going on! SRH now, taking it to 550L. LSG taking it to 575L! Hooda getting fierce competition here but LSG win!
  • Wanindu Hasaranga: Base Price of INR 1 crore
    The rising star from Sri Lanka gets a bid from SRH. PBKS joining the fray, and they keep going back and forth. 200L for Hasaranga now and still going higher. PBKS taking it to 300L after conversing amongst themselves. SRH at 400L! These two are going strong for Hasaranga. RCB join in from nowhere and suddenly, the amount has gone up to 500L . Heated discussions now. RCB take it higher. Hasaranga was with them for 1 Crore in 2021. He has reached 6 times that amount now, with bids going strong between PBKS and RCB. 650L from PBKS. The 2 franchises are pretty keen on getting Hasaranga, to the extent where they are asking the Auctioneer time for discussions. 775L with RCB now, PBKS seem hesitant, asking for more time! 825L now, by RCB, and there’s no sign of stopping. Once more, PBKS ask for time, with RCB at 875L. They raise it further! Will Hasaranga join the 10 crore club? Sure looks like it! Yup, Hasaranga’s at 10 crores now, with RCB taking it further. Punjab not willing to let this go either. Both the franchises taking their time before going higher after heated debates. And there’s a medical emergency here; the bidding process has been halted!

Feb 12, 1:15 PM IST

Next Set coming up – Batters. 

  • Starts with Manish Pandey – Base price of INR 1 crore
    SRH, DC, LSG bidding intently for Pandey.
  • Shimron Hetmeyer – Base price of 1.5 crores
    Delhi take it to 160L, followed by RR taking it higher. Going beyond 300L between these two. 500! Bids are still going strong between these two franchises. 600L now, some discussions going on in both tables. RR take it to 800L! Lots of discussions of the WI batter, now. DC back out at 850L.
  • Robin Uthappa up next
    SOLD TO CSK FOR 200L – that was quick.
  • Jason Roy – this should be interesting. Base price – INR 2 crores
    Gujarat start bid and SOLD TO GUJARAT FOR 2 CRORES. Surprising, no other bids for Roy.
  • David Miller – Base price INR 1 crore
    UNSOLD. The first one so far.
  • Devdutt Padikkal – BP INR 2 crore
    Fierce bidding between CSK and RCB for Padikkal. Goes all the way up to 400L. MI raising the paddle now. And so is RR, while CSK have backed out for now. 600L, going yet higher. Discussions abound – 700L now. RR take it to 775L. More discussions at the Mumbai table now and they back out!
  • Suresh Raina next – Base Price of INR 2 crores
    No bids for Raina. No table seems interested and…UNSOLD
  • Steve Smith – Base Price INR 2 crores again
    And once more, no bids, no one moving to raise their paddles. And SMITH IS UNSOLD

Feb 12, 1:00 PM IST

Here’s a summary of the Marquee Set – the first set to go up in the IPL 2022 Mega Auction. SRH, CSK and MI have not bought anyone so far, while KKR and PBKS have spent 19.5 crores and 17.5 crores, respectively, in the first round.

List Sr.No. 2022 Set First Name Surname Country Age Specialism C/U/A Base price Sold to Final Price
1 M R. Ashwin India 35 ALL-ROUNDER Capped 200 RR 5cr
2 M Trent Boult New Zealand 32 BOWLER Capped 200 RR 8cr
3 M Pat Cummins Australia 28 ALL-ROUNDER Capped 200 KKR 7.25cr
4 M Quinton De Kock South Africa 29 WICKETKEEPER Capped 200 LSG 6.25cr
5 M Shikhar Dhawan India 36 BATSMAN Capped 200 PBKS 8.25cr
6 M Faf Du Plessis South Africa 37 BATSMAN Capped 200 RCB 7cr
7 M Shreyas Iyer India 27 BATSMAN Capped 200 KKR 12.25cr
8 M Kagiso Rabada South Africa 26 BOWLER Capped 200 PBKS 9.25cr
9 M Mohammad Shami India 32 BOWLER Capped 200 GT 6.25cr
10 M David Warner Australia 35 BATSMAN Capped 200 DC 6.25cr

Feb 12, 12:55 PM IST

Phew, the Marquee Set is over now and with it, a 15 minute break before the next set. Shreyas Iyer proving to be the most expensive buy thus far, at 12.25 crores. Looks like KKR have found a captain here.

Feb 12, 12:10 PM IST

The Marquee Set is going up. Base price is 2 crores for all of them. 

The first player is Shikhar Dhawan! Base price 2 crores! RR and DC have started bidding fiercely. 300 Lakhs! 400, say the Royals! 500 – Delhi taking it higher! Punjab enter the fray. 625 Lakhs now for Punjab! 700! 800!


Ravi Ashwin up next! 

Delhi start bidding – 200L, Royals raising the paddle – 300L now. DC take it to 400. RR taking it to 500L.


Pat Cummins, now. 

KKR commence the bidding process. GT raising the paddle now! 300L, 320, 340, 360, 400L say KKR! Intense bidding between KKR and GT. Cummins at 575L now! Lucknow comes in after GT bow out! KKR have bought Cummins for half the price they did last time!


KG Rabada is on next!

Delhi starts bidding once again for the South African pacer. Constant bidding between DC and GT for Rabada! Goes all the way to 8 crores! Punjab Kings join in now. GT take it to 9 crores.


Time for Trent Boult 

RCB and RR bidding for the New Zealand pacer! No signs of Mumbai yet. Boult going above 500L, going back and forth between the 2 franchises!  RCB Back out! Mumbai join the fray.
So many hands going up for Boult suddenly – all the way to 725L now. Mumbai back out 800L.


Shreyas Iyer, now. 

RCB and DC bidding fiercely. Will Shreyas become RCB’s Captain? 400L now. 500! 600! Bids going up without hesitation between RCB and DC. All the way to 9 crores, with KKR joining in and RCB backing out. GT joining in now! Iyer is the first player to cross 10 crores today. KKR need a captain too…. 12 crores now, going between KKR and GT.


Next up is Mohammad Shami

RCB commence the bidding for the skiddy Indian pacer. GT raising their paddle too. LSG providing some competition as well. Going beyond 400L, as KKR join in. Gambhir having a thoughtful expression at the LSG table. RCB still in it. GT raises it to 575L.


FAF du Plessis! 

CSK, for the first time today! CSK and RCB competing here for Faf. Will Ruturaj get his opener back? Oh, DC leap in now. Faf at 400L now. 525 – DC. RCB still going strong, while CSK have stopped, for now. RCB take it t0 650L.


QDK up now. 

Faf’s South African teammate next. Surprisingly, no franchise opting to bid for a long time. Ah, LSG and CSK start bidding. Taking it beyond 400L, these two. Mumbai raise the paddle, for their former player – 500L, they say. LSG take it higher.


Last one in the Marquee Set – David Warner

DC take it forward. CSK giving stiff competition. Going beyond 600L with Mumbai joining in as well. DC at 625L for the Australian opener.


Feb 12, 12:00 PM IST

The TATA IPL 2022 Mega Auction has begun! 

The inaugural speech, by Brijesh Patel, Chairman of the IPL Governing Council is going on. All the members involved are arranged according to their respective franchises in the hall. Hugh Edmeades will be the Auctioneer for this Auction.

Feb 12, 11:55 AM IST

Will Ashwin go back to the franchise from his home city, Chennai? Will Rabada go back to DC or will any other franchise snap him up? Is Ishan Kishan going to be the most expensive buy this year? Will Jason Holder generate a bidding war? Stay tuned to find out! The Auction starts in 5 minutes!

Feb 12, 11:47 AM IST

The management and members involved in the bidding process for all the franchises are assembling at the ITC Gardenia, Bangalore, where the Auction is about to begin in 10 minutes.

Feb 12, 11:35 AM IST

What is the Marquee Set? Who are the players in this set?

The Marquee Set is a group of 10 players who will be up first for bidding. While the sets of players throughout the rest of the Auction are categorized based on their role (i.e., batter, bowler, all-rounder, etc.,), the Marquee Set follows no such categorization and contains some of the most prominent players in the IPL so far. The 10 players are:

Ravichandran Ashwin
Trent Boult
Pat Cummins
Quinton de Kock
Shikar Dhawan
Faf du Plessis
Shreyas Iyer
Kagiso Rabada
Mohammad Shami
David Warner

Remember, there are no Right-to-Match cards available this time. This gives the two new franchises – Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) and Gujarat Titans (GT) even footing, as the other franchises will not be able to buy back players who have played for them in the past using the RTM cards.

Feb 12, 11:17 AM IST

Hello and welcome to CricXtasy’s live coverage of the IPL 2022 Mega Auction. I’m Rohit Sundar, and I’ll be providing real-time updates from the auction – as and when players are being sold to various franchises. The bidding is scheduled to begin at 12:00 PM IST with the Marquee Set of players starting the process. So sit back and follow this thread throughout the day to know how it’s all going down!

Until then, check out the posts down below covering the Details of Retained Players, the Amount left in the Purse for each franchise before the Auction, Details on Secret Bidding, and Where RCB and CSK stand ahead of the Auction.

Feb 12, 09:00 AM IST

Where Royal Challengers Bangalore Stand Ahead of IPL 2022 Auction

IPL 2022: Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) Squad with all new signings from Mega Auction

Feb 12, 08:00 AM IST

Where Chennai Super Kings Stand Ahead of IPL 2022 Auction:

IPL 2022: Chennai Super Kings (CSK) Squad with all new signings from Mega Auction

Feb 11, 08:00 PM IST

Prasidh Krishna, Avesh Khan and Other Indian Quicks

Prasidh Krishna, who won the Player of the Series award in the ODIs against West Indies, is up for grabs as is the CSK new ball hero, Deepak Chahar, whose batting credentials have considerably gone up in the last few months. The super impressive Avesh Khan is also up for sale after Delhi Capitals did not retain him. R Ashwin predicted on his YouTube channel that Avesh could attract a “bidding war”. Who will get the biggest bid among Indian quicks?

Feb 11, 07:00 PM IST

Details on Secret Bid

What is a secret Bid in IPL Auction? Learn all about it here:

What is a secret bid in the IPL auction?

Feb 11, 06:00 PM

Purse Remaining of All 10 Teams ahead of IPL 2022 Auction

Chennai Super Kings – 48 crore

Delhi Capitals – 47.5 crore

Kolkata Knight Riders – 48 crore

Lucknow Super Giants – 59 crore

Mumbai Indians – 48 crore

Punjab Kings – 72 crore

Rajasthan Royals – 62 crore

Royal Challengers Bangalore – 57 crore

Sunrisers Hyderabad – 68 crore

Gujarat Titans – 52 crore


Feb 11, 05:00 PM IST

Retained Players ahead of IPL 2022 Auction

Chennai Super Kings Retained Players: Ravindra Jadeja (INR 16 crore), MS Dhoni (INR 12 crore), Moeen Ali (INR 8 crore), Ruturaj Gaikwad (INR 6 crore)

Mumbai Indians Retained Players: Rohit Sharma (INR 16 crore), Jasprit Bumrah (INR 12 crore), Suryakumar Yadav (INR 8 crore), Kieron Pollard (INR 6 crore)

Royal Challengers Bangalore Retained Players: Virat Kohli (INR 15 crore), Glenn Maxwell (INR 11 crore), Mohammed Siraj (INR 7 crore)

Sunrisers Hyderabad Retained Players: Kane Williamson (INR 14 crore), Abdul Samad (INR 4 crore), Umran Malik (INR 4 crore)

Rajasthan Royals Retained Players: Sanju Samson (INR 14 crore), Jos Buttler (INR 10 crore), Yashasvi Jaiswal (INR 4 crore)

Kolkata Knight Riders Retained Players: Andre Russell (INR 12 crore), Varun Chakravarthy (INR 8 crore), Venkatesh Iyer (INR 8 crore), Sunil Narine (INR 6 crore)

Delhi Capitals Retained Players: Rishabh Pant (INR 16 crore), Axar Patel (INR 9 crore), Prithvi Shaw (INR 7.5 crore), Anrich Nortje (INR 6.5 crore)

Punjab Kings Retained Players: Mayank Agarwal (Rs 12 crore), Arshdeep Singh (Rs 4 crore)

Gujarat Titans Draft Picks: Hardik Pandya (INR 15 crores), Rashid Khan (INR 15 crores), Shubman Gill (INR 8 crores)

Lucknow Super Giants Draft Picks: KL Rahul (INR 17 crore), Marcus Stoinis (INR 9.2 crore), Ravi Bishnoi (INR 4 crore)

Previously existing Teams Include Mumbai Indians. Chennai Super Kings (CSK), Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), Rajasthan Royals, Punjab Kings (PBKS), Delhi Capitals, and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

A total of 590 players will go under the hammer during IPL 2022 Auction out of which only 217 players can be picked. 48 Players have registered with a base price of INR 2 crore and it remains to be seen how franchises line up to acquire their services.

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