IPL 2021 finals will be held on October 15th

IPL 2021 will resume on September 19, and the final will be held on October 15. BCCI ANI official.Season 14 Intense pulsed light Delayed due to the sudden increase in Covid-19 cases in India. The UAE will host the rest of the league.

IPL 14 matches remaining

Due to the surge in pandemic cases in India, IPL 14 was postponed by one stage. BCCI then decided to transfer the league to the UAE and organize the same matches from September to October.

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Availability of foreign players

When asked about the availability of overseas players during this period, he added: “Discussions have begun and we have been praying that most of the foreign players will be available. If a few of them do not show up, we will decide on the future course of action. But. Now keep the crossover and hope to have an action-packed ending in the 14th edition of the UAE.”

However, the team may miss some foreign players, which means that the balance of the team may be “tossed”. “Yes, if we do miss some foreign stars in the end, then we need to pay attention to this aspect when selecting substitute players, because foreign players are also an integral part of the team. Team balance may be tossed, so keep your fingers crossed. .”

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