India Hosts Biggest ICC Event 2023


After a long break, India hosted the ICC Men’s World Cup 2023. Last time in 2011,
India hosted the tournament and ended up being the winner. But this time, India faced hard luck in the final. Even after performing exceptionally well throughout the tournament, they faced a defeat in the final match against Australia. That was a heartbreaking moment for the Indian fans. But the tournament created a huge record. It became the biggest-ever ICC event and broke records on broadcast and digital. 

The Biggest Record:

In 2023, cricket fans across the globe experienced a sensational World Cup tournament. Since the first fixture, the thrill was always there. There were twists in every match. Defending champion of the World Cup 2019, England had a disappointing season. The Netherlands performed well. Even after starting the tournament with two consecutive losses, Australia ended up being the winner of the tournament for the sixth time. 

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 marked a historic milestone, surpassing 1 trillion total viewing minutes on broadcast. The tournament embraced cutting-edge technology like the vertical video feed. Notably, viewership in India saw a remarkable 38% surge compared to the 2011 edition, and there was a substantial 17% increase from the previous World Cup held in 2019. This edition proved to be a groundbreaking chapter, not only in terms of innovation but also in global engagement, setting new standards for cricket viewership around the world.

India played a massive role in the astounding viewership, clocking 422 billion minutes on Disney Star Network. This marked a jaw-dropping 54% surge from 2011 and a notable 9% jump from 2019, showcasing the nation’s unwavering cricket enthusiasm. Beyond India, the cricket fever spread, especially in the United Kingdom and Australia. The United Kingdom boasted 800 hours of live coverage, translating to a whopping 5.86 billion minutes viewed. Meanwhile, Australia made its mark with 3.79 billion minutes from 602 hours of live coverage, showcasing a remarkable 92% surge from 2011. The global embrace of the tournament was evident, creating a cricket spectacle enjoyed across borders.

Unstoppable Evolution:

ICC made a partnership with Meta. During the World Cup time, that partnership also played a great role in the viewership record of the tournament. During that time, 16.3 billion videos played on Meta channels. 9.7 billion videos played on Facebook and 6.6 billion videos played on Instagram. 

The overall growth in viewership saw a notable increase in female viewers, rising from 32% in the 2011 edition to 34% in the current year. This shift highlights the expanding enthusiasm among women for the host country’s tournament. The surge in female engagement contributes to the broader appeal of the cricketing event, reflecting a growing and diverse audience captivated by the excitement of the games. The evolving demographic participation underscores the inclusive and universal allure of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup in the host country.

This widespread coverage was made possible by 22 channels presenting the tournament in nine diverse languages, including English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam. The tournament’s success in India reflects the nation’s unwavering passion for cricket, making it a truly historic and widely celebrated event.

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