Imran Khan Faces Seven Years Jail in Marriage-Related Conviction


Former Pakistan World Cup Cup-winning captain and former Pakistan PM Imran Khan is currently on a rough patch due to his legal troubles. He was sentenced to jail for seven years due to his marriage-related issues. The judge has sentenced him to the maximum penalty for his third conviction this week, linked to his marriage to Bushra Bibi. The court declared the marriage void as part of the sentence, questioning the timing after her previous divorce.

The Case:

The legal saga surrounding Imran Khan and his former wife, Reham Bibi, revolves around the contentious issue of whether their marriage occurred during her iddat period. This aspect, deeply rooted in Islamic and Pakistani law, mandates a waiting period for women after divorce or the death of a spouse before remarrying. The case delves into the intricacies of Imran and Bibi’s relationship, even examining Bibi’s menstrual cycles to determine adherence to the iddat period.

Although the couple married nearly six years ago, the case was initiated by Bibi’s ex-husband Khawar Fareed Maneka in 2023, coinciding with Imran’s legal challenges. Despite their separation in 2018, Maneka had previously absolved Imran of responsibility for the divorce. Bibi received a seven-year prison sentence and a fine of PKR 500,000, and the legal complexities continue to unfold, raising questions about Bibi’s previous house arrest status in the Toshakhana case. The situation remains uncertain with the latest conviction.

Another Jail Sentence:

Imran Khan faces another conviction, running concurrently with existing jail terms, signaling a strained relationship with the state post his ousting in April 2022. The verdict, labeled “shameless and baseless” by Imran’s lawyer, will be contested. This development, just days before Pakistan’s elections, adds to the political turmoil for Imran and his party, PTI, barred from contesting. Authorities have disrupted their rallies, with a recent Karachi event halted by police using tear gas and detaining PTI workers. Imran’s legal woes coincide with political restrictions, shaping a challenging landscape for the once-prominent political figure.

The International Federation for Human Rights expressed grave concern about the recent sentences against Imran Khan, asserting a “disturbing disregard for basic principles of justice and due process.” Their statement highlighted Imran’s denied access to his chosen counsel, deeming it a “flagrant violation of rights enshrined in international law.” This underscores broader apprehensions regarding the legal proceedings, amplifying the need for attention to fundamental rights and fair legal practices.

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