If my statement about Kuldeep hurts Ashwin, I am glad I made that statement: Ravi Shastri


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Published on: December 24, 2021

Former India head coach Ravi Shastri (Ravi Shastri) said that he has no regrets for ranking Kuldeep Yadav India as India’s number one overseas spinner in 2019. Recently, senior deputy Ravichandran Ashwin said in an interview with Cricket Monthly that he felt overwhelmed after hearing Shastri’s statement about Kuldeep. The left arm spinner scored five points in the 2019 Sydney Test, and Ashwin was excluded due to injury.

In response to Ashwin’s comments about feeling overwhelmed, Shastri told India Express in an interaction that he was very happy that he made a statement about Kuldeep because it made Ashwin do something different. Things. Shastri said: “Ashwin did not take the test in Sydney, and Kuldeep played well. So it is fair for me to give Kuldeep a chance. If my statement about Kuldeep hurts Ashwin, I am very happy that I made that statement. It made him Doing some different things. This allowed him to do some different things. My job is not to butter everyone’s toast. My job is to present facts without an agenda.”

The 59-year-old added that as a player, the cricket player must accept the challenge and prove that the coach is wrong. He said: “If your coach challenges you, what will you do? Go home crying and say I won’t be back. As a player, I will treat it as a challenge and prove that the coach is wrong.”

The former coach tried to take his point home. He pointed out that Ashwin, the 2021 pitcher, is a much improved version of the 2019 non-spinning pitcher. He also responded to the veteran cricketer’s statement that after hearing Shastri’s comments, he left as if thrown under the bus.

The former cricket player explained in detail: “Ashwin’s bowling style in 2019 and 2021 is chalk and cheese. Regarding throwing Ashwin under the bus, he doesn’t have to worry because I have already told the bus driver Stop at 2-3 feet away. The message to Ashwin in 2018 is that he must stay healthy. He has been working hard to see how he bowls now. He is world-class.”

Ashwin is currently participating in three test series with the Indian team in South Africa. This bystander is about to become an important milestone because he only needs 8 wickets to pass Kapil Dev’s 434 scalp test count.

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