Ian Healy slams England’s tactics of making smaller boundaries for the Ashes 2023

The pre Ashes banter has already begun months before the series. Earlier according to many reports, the ‘boundary sizes’ are going to be shortened for the upcoming Ashes series. Notably, the Ben Stokes-led team has seen tremendous success lately because to their aggressive brand of cricket known as “Bazball,” which has helped them defeat opponents like New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, and India in the rescheduled Test match in 2021.

Ian Healy, a former cricketer for Australia, thinks England shouldn’t trust that having shorter boundaries will give them an advantage in the future Ashes in 2023.

Healy, though, said that Australian pacers will still bowl bouncers to worry the English hitters, thus he is not concerned about England’s new strategies. The 59-year-old added that having shorter boundaries won’t benefit any one team in particular beca use both teams would eventually play on the same pitch.

Ian Healy said

“Boundaries are the least of their (Australian team) worries. Why would they bother? There’s no need for that. Mis-hits will go for six, but that’s okay. Lots of modern-day mis-hits go for six anyway. I don’t feel that’s anything but clogging up your mind and overthinking too badly. They would know we’re going to bounce them. We’re coming at their armspits and their chest logos. So get your chest guards on. They’re going to make those square-of-the-wicket boundaries a little bit shorter so a mis-hit pull or hook might carry,” Healy stated while talking to SENQ Breakfast.

“What a load of junk. Australian grounds are twice the size of England grounds anyway that’s why there are less sixes from the Australian players. Who cares? Both teams have got to bat,” Healy added while talking to Big Sports Breakfast.

Notably, according to ICC rules, the host board (in this case, the ECB) and ground staff decide where the boundary rope should be placed, which must be between 59 and 82 meters from the center of the wicket.

The second Test will start on June 28 while the Ashes will start on June 16 at Edgbaston. The fourth and fifth Tests will start on July 19 and 27, respectively, while the third Test will begin on July 6.

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