Ian Chappell Lauds Cummins’ World Cup Captaincy


Australia named the World Cup 2023 after them. On November 19, India and Australia met at the Narendra Modi Stadium to play the World Cup final. Australia named their sixth World Cup trophy after defeating India in the final match. Aussie skipper Pat Cummins has done amazing captaincy throughout the season. Former Australian skipper Ian Chappell praised Pat Cummins for his excellent captaincy in the World Cup.

Pat Cummins’ World Cup Excellence:

Australia has been one of the most successful teams in the World Cup over the years. Even in this edition of the World Cup, they showcased their excellence. Earlier this tournament, Australia started their journey with disappointments. They lost the first two matches consecutively. Then they made a remarkable comeback. They won all the matches till then and ended up being the winners.

Pat Cummins has done a great job. He faced criticism after losing first two matches in the World Cup. After that, he led Australia to the final and lifted the trophy. Captain Cummins showcased his form in the past also. Under his captaincy, Australia won the World Test Championship. They also won the Ashes this year. Now, they won the World Cup and become the world champion for the sixth time.

Ian Chappell’s Praise:

Australian legend Ian Chappell praised the Aussie skipper in all the ways. He said, “ Cummins has not only proved himself a worthy Test captain, his leadership has now expanded and he is also successful in 50-overs cricket. I thought he’d be a good captain, but he has exceeded my expectations.”

Later he added, “By performing well as a captain in different countries and formats and in a variety of Conditions, Cummins is putting himself in that category. Only Imran of that trio – an excellent leader of great presence – played in an era of rapidly growing limited-overs cricket.”

He draws Cummin’s comparison to Anil Kumble and Mark Waugh. He said, “There’s no doubt he has had his challenges as captain. His battle with Ben Stokes – an excellent captain – was one such instance. Cummins’ captaincy experience will be improved by the intense skirmish with Stokes.”

He stated, “Cummins was the right choice as Australian captain and he has done an extremely good job. Even in the ultra-demanding climate of Australian cricket, he has earned the right to remain captain for as long as he wants the role.” 

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