“I made him obsessed for about six months”-R Ashwin on how he prepared for Steve Smith


When R Ashwin returned to Australia last winter for another challenging test series Border-Gavaskar trophy, He knew he would meet Steve Smith in the most anti-finger country in the world. Without opening the offer from the deck, Ashwin knew he had to beat Australian batsmen including Smith in the air and use the bounce provided by these surfaces.

It turns out that in terms of wickets and absolute impact on the game, this is his most productive tour in Australia. In the first game of the D/N test held in Adelaide, he ended the wonderful bowling with a score of 4/55-helping India to become the only one to take the lead in the first game of the Australian pink ball test The visiting team, even though there is only 244 on the board-to go all out before the age of 36, put all his good works in jeopardy. But in MCG’s next test, Ashwin’s 3/35 and 2/71 played an important role in India’s inspiring victory from behind.

R Ashwin let Smith out of three tests three times. He completed a test series with 12 scalps in Australia, and in this country, it is the norm to rotate more than 40 wickets with the touring fingers. Ashwin let Smith out-once on the outside, once on the inside, and LBW.

The non-spinning master revealed that this is the battle he planned and prepared for most of the six months, because he will keep Smith as a goal for as long as possible, which leaves other Indian bowlers lacking Ishant Sharma and Mohammad Shami’s attack-enter the game more smoothly.

R Ashwin played his best series in Australia in the 2020-21 winter.

R Ashwin explains how he plans to do well in Australia

In an interview with ESPNcricinfo’s Cricket Monthly, R Ashwin revealed that he almost made Smith his “obsessed” Most of the six months before entering the Border-Gavaskar trophy.As the pandemic inadvertently allowed Indian players to rest for eight months, Ashwin spent a lot of time at home studying Australian batsmen, including the rising star Manus Labuchagne.

“I made him obsessed for about six months instead of two or three weeks,” He said. “It’s just a video, just watching different games. The series they played recently [before India toured Australia in 2020-21] It’s New Zealand. I have gone through every day of the game.I will continue to use my app and check-how many times it has run [Marnus] When Will Somerville is bowling, does Labuschagne continue to hit the ball? Which ball did he hit on the horn? “

“I think the Australian batsmen have some premeditated. I think they are looking for aggressive options throughout the entire “playing in the Australian way”. Obviously, the Australian tone is very real. So sometimes you can get to the court without reaching the pitch. Leave under the circumstances, which can be very disturbing [for the bowler]. As a spinner, you need to be very precise in Australia. Every run you perform must be carried out on your own terms. “

Keeping Labchagne quiet is also related to the cause of India, and this is where Ashwin plays the savior for his team. Ashwin won a right-hander twice in the series. In the first two tests, he could only collect 129 points in 4 innings. Labuschagne is 73 years old on average in Australia, with 600 years old and 8 years old and 50 years old.

“So every time Marnus Labuschagne goes off the court, he will hit the ball out of the ailerons on the horn, or he will hit the ball out of the middle.” Ashwin said. “It’s rare. And he doesn’t have a flat sweep, he has a circle sweep, like a paddle. All these shots have a trigger. This is good. If you don’t know or you haven’t seen enough shots , You can’t pick these things.”

It wasn’t until the vest started to deteriorate in the third test against Ashwin that the two Australian batsmen started to move away from him and started scoring. But in the first two tests, India played a good batsman in Adelaide and won in Melbourne. They were troubled by Ashwin a lot. Especially for Smith, Ashwin said that the idea was to disrupt his hands and restrict his freedom through the series.

“With Steve Smith, his shots are very motivated. Most of his shots come from his hands, so my whole idea is to interfere with his hands in the series. He has a certain hand movement pattern. . You have to choose them and be able to bowl in a way that disturbs his hand shape. So I bowl with different loads, different speeds, different run-ups, etc. I realize I am a little closer to him.” He said.

On SCG, Ashwin found that his back also hindered him, making it difficult to cope with the slow low surface. But despite the injury, he still had an impact, this time with a bat. He can be said to be his best test game in India. In 39 games without getting out on the last day, he completed 128 games and helped his team save an epic draw with Hanuma Vihari. The player competed for 161 goals for 23* due to a hamstring injury.


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