“I fell my decision to bowl spin off the last over backfired:” Shikhar Dhawan after DC clash

In a thrilling encounter that had spectators on the edge of their seats, the last four overs of the match between Delhi Capitals (DC) and Punjab Kings took everyone on an exhilarating rollercoaster ride. It was a battle of nerves and sheer determination as Liam Livingstone showcased his explosive batting skills to ensure a match full of thrills and chills. However, DC came dangerously close to throwing away their commanding position, leaving the outcome hanging in the balance until the very end.

Last over drama

With 33 runs to defend in the last over, DC seemed to have the match firmly under control. The first ball of the over resulted in a dot. Then, Livingstone unleashed his power, smashing a six followed by a boundary off the next two deliveries As the tension mounted, a no-ball was bowled, which Livingstone capitalized on by sending it soaring for a massive six. Suddenly, the equation had drastically changed, with 16 runs required off the final three balls.

“It’s quite a close game, but can’t help it. There was hope after that no ball, Livi played a great knock, unfortunately, we couldn’t end up on the other side,” Shikhar talked about the last over drama.

However, fate seemed to favor DC as Livingstone couldn’t connect on the subsequent free-hit ball, a swirling full toss outside off. The miss brought a collective sigh of relief from the DC camp, knowing they had survived a nerve-wracking finish .

Shikhar Dhawan also said that his decision to bowl spinner in the last over backfired the Punjab Kings and he took full ownership of the mistake.

“I fell my decision to bowl spin off the last over backfired,” Dhawan added.

Earlier in the match, Punjab had struggled to contain the onslaught of the Delhi Capitals’ batsmen. Chasing a mammoth target of 214 runs, Punjab got off to a disastrous start, with opener Shikhar Dhawan departing for a duck. The situation seemed bleak, but Taide and Liam Livingstone staged a remarkable recovery, breathing life back into Punjab’s chase.

Nevertheless, the required run rate remained a daunting challenge, hovering above 17 runs per over as the game entered its final five overs. The partnership between Taide and Livingstone grew stronger, aided by a series of missed opportunities by the Delhi fielders, who dro pped catches that could have sealed the game earlier.

David Warner said that it was a pretty bad fielding performance from them as they dropped many chances. He was unhappy with the fielding effort but was delighted with the 2 points on board.

“Pretty bad fielding performance but great to get the points tonight,” Warner said.

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