How to Withdraw Money From Your Hollywoodbets Account?


Published on: May 08, 2023

Knowing the withdrawal methods available on a betting site is essential. Discover the withdrawal methods on Hollywood Bet. Read on


The simple motive why people bet is MONEY! Betting has allowed bettors to make money while getting the kick from their favorite hobbies. It is also reasonable that every bettor would want to withdraw his or her bet winnings quickly after a while of good fortune.

Hollywoodbets is popular among bettors due to its various cash withdrawal processes, making it easy for punters to withdraw. This write-up focuses on the possible Hollywood bets withdrawal techniques; continue reading to discover the evident withdrawal process for yourself.

What Are The Different Withdrawal Methods?

Hollywoodbets boasts of a couple of withdrawal systems for punters. A few are enumerated below;

1. Banknote withdrawals can be made from a physical Hollywoodbets division. However, a certified ID card is of utmost necessity, and cash withdrawal using this system has restrictions. Amounts above the restriction must be carried out online.

2. Instant Money: This process allows you to secure a pin or a voucher number that you will require to cash out your banknotes from a Standard Bank ATM. Additionally, certain locations that provide voucher withdrawals give bettors room to cash out instant money vouchers using the voucher number.

3. Nedbank Send-iMali: This particular withdrawal technique is quite close to the rest. If your fund demand goes through, a message containing a pin will be delivered to you. The pin code and your phone number are to be turned in. It is important to note that your funds can only be given to you through a South African contact number. Your demand for funds will be annulled if the banknotes aren’t cashed out in 2 days.

4. FNB eWallet: Only requirement for this withdrawal process is a code. To access your code, send *120*277#, and after that, you input the code into an FNB ATM to cash out your banknotes.

5. ABSA Cash Send: Obtain a unique code of ten numbers to be inputted into the ABSA ATM. This must be inputted with a code “123456” to cash out your funds.

6. EFT Withdrawals: This system withdraws your funds into your bank account (majorly South African bank accounts for now). This system helps cash out your funds straight into your bank account as fast as a whirlwind. Below is a guide on how to use the EFT withdrawal technique.

a. Access your bet account, tap the withdrawal button, and choose withdrawal using the EFT system.

b. Put in your bank account number and input your desired withdrawal amount.

c. Affirm your withdrawal, and your demand for funds will be processed.

The lowest allowed withdrawal amount with the EFT system is about R50, and your demand for funds will be processed in about a day. Note that the name registered in your bank and that on your Hollywoodbets account must be the same to avoid the rejection of your demand for funds.Although the procedure for withdrawal can be very smooth, some factors might require Hollywoodbets to decline your demand for funds;

  • Making a demand for funds above or below the amount allowed

  • Absence of FICA validation

  • Anomalous account activities

  • The difference in contact number while using Cash Send


Withdrawing your winnings from Hollywoodbets is simple if you use any withdrawal methods above. If you have issues when withdrawing, check some of the factors stated above that might have caused it.


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