Hilarious scenes in the last over as Harshal Patel misses a mankad attempt


In a nail-biting finish, the Lucknow Super Giants managed to snatch a thrilling victory from the jaws of defeat against the Royal Challengers Bangalore in their Indian Premier League encounter. It all came down to the final ball of the match, with Lucknow needing just one run to win and RCB needing just one wicket to seal the win.

Harshal attempts Mankad

RCB’s Harshal Patel was entrusted with the crucial final over, and he managed to keep things tight until the very last ball. Harshal came on to bowl but upon finding non-striker Bishnoi out of his crease, Harshal attempted to run him out in Mankading style. but missed. He then threw the ball back and it hit the stump, but the umpire ruled that the appeal was not allowed.

RCB initially appealed the decision, but after consulting with the empires, they withdrew their appeal, and Harshal was given another chance to bowl the final delivery. However, luck was not on their side as Avesh Khan managed to sneak a single, securing a dramatic victory for the Lucknow Super Giants.

The match will be remembered for its dramatic finish and the sportsmanship displayed by the RCB team in withdrawing their appeal. The Lucknow Super Giantson the other hand, will celebrate a hard-fought victory.

The incident on the final ball of the match left fans both awestruck and confused, with many taking to social media to express their views. Some fans were impressed with Harshal’s presence of mind to attempt the run-out, while others were critical of the umpire’s decision to disallow the appeal. The confusion was further compounded by the fact that the rules regarding such run-outs are often misunderstood by both players and fans alike. Nevertheless, the match provided a thrilling spectacle that will be remembered for years to come.

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