Harsha Bhogle shots down a troller who made negative remarks against Team India


There is no doubt that the long time rivalry between India and Pakistan has come a long way, being associated with every field, be it political tensions, comparing actors, economy, and even in cricket. Both the nations take digs at each other on several occasions, humiliating and broiling each other into war and hate comments. 

Recently in an eye-catching incident, on Twitter, one of the hard core Pakistani cricket fans named Faroow Khan took to his handle to share a video clip of a Test Match featuring teams India and Australia. In the video, team Australia was seen bowling out Indian batters one by one from Prithvi Shaw to Virat Kohli to Jasprit Bumrah. The fan captioned the video with “In case you are having a bad day, enjoy this India team’s humiliation by Australia. #PAKvsAUS || #INDvsSA #PSL 2024”

A sarcastic hit by Harsha Bhogle

The tweet by Farooq Khan embroiled Indian fans with anger with people commenting down about Pakistan’s poor performance throughout the World Cup. India’s renowned Youtuber and commentator Harsha Bhogle took an impressive dig at this fan and shot him down with a statement full of humour. In the tweet, Harsha recognized that the one who look into other people’s weaknesses remains petty always and he also thanked him for bringing this performance out as it was a great showdown by Team India to remember. 

“I am glad you put this out Farooq because it lead to one of the greatest performances in Test history. This is a case study on how you convert adversity into match winning performances through great courage, outstanding leadership and self-belief. When you have that pride, you find new heights. When you seek joy in someone else’s adversity, you remain small and petty. So think big, think class, you might just find a wonderful world. Hopefully ….”, Harsha tweeted. 

Fans reactions

On Farooq’s tweet, several India fans commented and asserted the fact that the fan is from a country who had a horrible World Cup campaign recently. Fans affirmed that at least India won that series against Australia and Pakistan has never won a Test Series against Australia on the latter country’s homeground. Some other fans spoke about Pakistan talking about humiliation while the country itself gets humiliated by everyone. 

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