Harbhajan Singh reacts to Babar Azam’s comment on IPL


Former Indian spinner has reacted to Babar Azam‘s comments about the Indian Premier League, a league considered the best franchise tournament by some of the biggest cricket pundits in the world.

What did Babar say?

Babar Azam was talking to the host at a Zalmi TV show, where he was asked which league he would prefer to choose, the Indian Premier League (IPL) or the Big Bash League (BBL). In a video tweeted by Cricket Pakistan, Pakistan’s skipper can be heard saying that he prefers the Big Bash League more.

The controversy sparked a heated debate on Twitter, with fans from both sides passionately defending their respective teams. Many Indian fans accused Babar of being insensitive and ungrateful, while Pakistani fans rallied behind him and praised his commitment to the national team. The extent of saying that the Pakistani players are dying to be a part of the IPL and just because they cannot participate, they act sour towards the league.

Overall, Babar’s comments divided opinions and highlighted the deep-rooted rivalry between India and Pakistan in cricket. While the sport has often been a source of unity and friendship among nations, it is clear that there are still many unresolved issues and tensions that need to be addressed.

How did Harbhajan react?

Harbhajan Singh is known for being straightforward in his answers. The former Indian off-spinner does not like to sugarcoat things. Bhajji, as he is called by his fans and teammates, took to Twitter to express his views on the matter.

Quoting a tweet from a Twitter user, Harbhajan Singh used the laughing emoji to show what he thinks of the statement by Babar Azam. This delighted the Indian fans who were looking for something to fuel their ego. Harbhajan Singh can often be seen reacting to the statements that other Pakistani players often make about cricket in India and he never holds back.

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