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Fingers have begun to point as the Ashes lose in front of the England defenders in Sydney. A blind love for the white ball game is one of many contributing factors. But it can be cathartic to look back and reminisce about happier times touring Australia.it doesn’t all broken……

tell the truth Brisbane It wasn’t the happiest hunting ground for England. They are notoriously poor at Gabba, having only won two Test matches on the ground since the end of World War II. The best results were seven-wicket wins in 1978 and 1986. The former was won as part of a 5-1 series victory; however, both sides were affected by the absence of players who lost to Kerry Parker in the World Series. The 1986 victory brought greater satisfaction as England later kept the Ashes with a 2-1 series victory. They scored a trapeze score in the first test and scored 456 points in the first inning. Bill Athey, Mike Gatting and David Gower all scored half a century. But inevitably it was Ian Botham who starred in a shining 138.no one can hang out beefy Made 13 fours and four sixes on 174 balls.

Australia went out with 248 runs in the first innings, with Graham Dilley hitting five with 68. The rest of the game was properly executed, but Geoff Marsh was the only batsman to show any real resistance with a solid 110. However, he ran out as England partner and they turned it around clinically. Greg Richie is the only batsman to share a real turnaround in a 113-man partnership with Marsh. A meager second inning of 282 left England needed 75 to win. They lost three wickets but it was a sweet victory for England by the mercurial Ian Botham. Adding fuel to the legend that he was only truly inspired when he faced the Australian.

This Adelaide The Oval is one of Australia’s oldest testing grounds, hosting its first race in 1884. England won the first game by 8 wickets; and in 1892 scored an innings and 230 runs. But the most recent victory came in December 2010, when England fought to keep the ashes. Brisbane’s first Test ended in a draw, scoring nearly 1,400 over five days. Alastair Cook had an unbeaten 235, while Australia’s Michael Hussey had 195. Both hitters will be the top scorers in the series. The backdrop is set for Australia to win the toss and choose to bat. They were locked back to 245 with some neat bowling, especially Jimmy Anderson, who went 4 for 51.

That paved the way for England to riot with the bat when they casually announced on 5-pointers at 620. Surprisingly, the bat’s only failure was captain Andrew Strauss, who was singled out. But Alastair Cook had 148 and Kevin Pietersen had a staggering 227, including 34 boundaries. Australia needed 375 to get England to bat again and made steady progress initially. They led with 238 on 4 shooting when Michael Clark was fired with 80 points. Michael Hussey and Marcus North are now at a disadvantage; but can the Aussies count down the clock and narrowly tie it?

The visitors lost Stewart Broad to an abdominal injury, but they won’t be turned down. Graeme Swann beat any lingering resistance with 5 of 91. England won by one innings and 71 points in a show of control and discipline. They also hit a huge physical blow, with three tests to take. All the pressure is now on the shoulders of Australians. England’s 3-1 victory in the series has never been better.

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The first test match was Melbourne Australia won the inaugural Test by 45 points in March 1877; England opened the series two weeks later with a four-wicket victory. MCG has had some sheer scams over the years. Just for the nasty value, two of England’s slim victories are worth mentioning.

In 1982, the Australian was beaten by just three points in the fourth Test. England trailed 2-0 in the series and rested hopelessly. After the first set, only 3 points separated the teams. England had a 294 in the second inning, with Graeme Fowler topping the scoring with a 65. That gave Australia the win by 292. A stubborn middle order played with it. But England won with Norman Cowens’ stunning 6-77. In 1998, the same low-scoring game had a thrilling climax. The total number of tourists who set Australia as undernourished was 175. But England all-rounder Dean Headley made it 6-60 for a 12-point victory. Both results were bittersweet as England lost both series in 1982/83 and 1998/99, but at least the Australians didn’t quite get their way.

Inevitably, some tours stand out more than others, and MCG’s race is no exception. Once again, the 1986/87 Ashes Tour was imminent, as England retained the Ashes in December 1986, with two more days to go. Ian Botham returned to devastating form with a 5-for-41 shooting and Chris Broad had 112 points. But for an overwhelming victory at the 2010/11 Melbourne Test there must be applause. England dominated from the start as they got Australia into the goal.

The visitors had the honour of replacing leading wicketkeeper Stephen Fenn, who they felt was missing a run. His replacement, Tim Bresnan, went 2-for-25, and Australia won the first inning with 98 points. England’s running machine is in action and has 520 points in 168 games as Jonathan Trotter remains unbeaten. Australia were dispatched with relative ease as they only reached 258 points. Bresnan justified his selection with a 4-of-50. The Ashes were reserved for one Test play. Ricky Ponting was fined 40% of the match fee for arguing with the umpire’s decision, and I triumphed with the extra help: oh how we laughed.

sydney It has been a proving ground since 1882 and has seen the Ashes fighters largely go hand in hand. England won 22 of Australia’s 27 games with seven draws. The tourists won by one set in 1901, 1936 and 1966. More recently, England won by 225 points in 2003. The Ashes have already lost as they trail 4-0 and could be seen as dead rubber. Still, some pride returned when Michael Vaughan scored 183 and Mark Butcher scored 124. The current England squad may need to keep that in mind.

But, like a magnet, attention again turns to the final test of the 2010/11 series. It was a victory for England, but flawlessly executed. As in previous Tests, Australia was beaten cheaply and allowed England to build an unassailable lead. England compiled 644; they scored the most in a series that included 3 independent centuries. Australia scored 281 in the second bat but couldn’t prevent an innings loss and 83. When will England reach such heights again?

Perth Not using its bow as a testing ground until 1970, England had a dismal record at the WACA with only one victory in 1978. Mike Brearley takes visitors through a series marred by Kerry Packer’s plot with the World Series Cricket. England won by 166 points, never to be ungrateful. But this game is only a century away from David Gower.Bellerive Oval Hobart It didn’t become a testing ground until 1989 and England didn’t play there. Of course, the final Ashes test for 2021/22 will take place in Hobart from 14-18 January.

When a series is resolved by a third test, there is an anti-climax feeling because the results are already known. However, there are still important lessons to be gleaned, and it doesn’t hurt to salvage some respect. Any victory should be celebrated in the moment, and we live in hope with half-full glasses.

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