Handicap in Cricket: Explanation

A handicap in cricket is the advantage given to the weaker team in a match. If a match is a draw, then there is no handicap.

While explaining, it becomes so easy. Imagine you are a powerful person participating in a competition in which you beat others easily. But after some time, you begin to lose matches to weak competitors.

The situation can be challenging and frustrating. To compensate for this, you could ask someone to handicap your opponents by letting them play with bats of wood or giving them some runs at the start of the match.

When the term “handicap” is used in terms of a bowling action, it refers to a ball being delicately bowled wide, full, or straight. This allows the batsman to score off such deliveries as they cannot be played with a normal cricket shot. The aim is to prevent an advantage from gaining and leveling the contest between batsman and bowler.

So, what is handicap in betting and specifically cricket? Read on to find out.

How Handicap Betting Works

Handicap betting works by giving one team an advantage before the start of the match. This is usually done by giving them more runs or wickets in their total. It means they’ll have to score fewer runs or take fewer wickets to win the match than their opponents.

For example, if Australia plays England in a one-day international, Australia might be given 10 runs as a handicap. If they win the match, they’ll get 10 extra runs added to their total when it’s calculated. If England wins, however , Australia will lose those 10 runs from their total.

It’s important to remember that handicaps don’t apply after both sides have batted or bowled at least once during the game (unless there’s only time for one inning per side).

The handicap betting market works the same way as any other bet. You have to back the winner with your chosen stake non Gamstop casinos. But, some additional factors make it more complicated than your average wager.

Types of Handicap Betting

After knowing the meaning of handicap in betting, it’s essential to understand how it works with various markets. It’s commonly used in many sports, including cricket, football, NFL, rugby, and basketball.

Handicap in Cricket

Handicap cricket takes the form of runs or wickets. When a team is given a runs handicap, they start the game with a certain number of runs already scored.

For example, if Team A is considered stronger than Team B, and Team B is given a runs handicap of 20, this means that Team B starts the game with 20 runs already scored. This gives Team B a head start and makes the game more Even, as Team A now has to score more runs to win.

Similarly, when a team is given a wickets handicap, they start the game with some wickets already lost. For example, if Team A is considered stronger than Team B, and Team B is given a wickets handicap of 2, this means that Team B starts the game with two wickets already lost. This puts Team B at a disadvantage and makes the game more even, as Team A now has to take more wickets to win.


In football handicap betting, it’s common for bookmakers to offer odds on both teams to win with different goal differences. For example, Manchester United might be priced at even money to beat Middlesbrough 7-0, and Middlesbrough might be offered at 20/1 to beat Manchester United 6-0.

The idea behind this type of betting is that if one team has a poor away record against a particular side and they have been struggling recently, then there’s a chance they could win by more than their normal goal difference (for example, 4-0) If this happens, the odds would be improved dramatically because there would be little risk involved for the bookmaker in offering such odds, and therefore it would still make sense for them to offer them.


In NFL, handicap betting can take the form of a points handicap, where a team is given a predetermined number of points to win or lose. For example, a team may be given a handicap of -3 points, meaning they must win by four points or more for the bet to succeed.


One of the most common forms of handicap betting in rugby is points handicap betting, where a team is given a predetermined number of points to win or lose. This handicap is applied to the match’s final score, and the team with the highest score after the handicap has been applied is considered the winner for betting purposes.

For example, if the handicap for a match is +5, this means that the underdog team is given an advantage of five points. So, even if they lose the match by a score of 15-10, they would still be considered the winner for betting purposes.

Points handicap betting in rugby offers bettors the opportunity to bet on a more evenly matched game, regardless of the actual outcome of the match. This type of british betting sites can also offer better odds for bettors, as the handicap reduces the odds of the favorite team winning, making it a more attractive option for those looking for value in their bets.


Handicap betting in basketball is a form of betting where a team is given an advantage or disadvantage in terms of points before the start of the game. This type of betting is designed to even out the odds between two teams with different levels of skill or competitiveness .

For example, if team A is considered the stronger team and team B is considered the weaker team, a points handicap of +6.5 may be given to team B. This means that team B is essentially given 6.5 extra points to their final score. will be considered the winner if they lose by less than 6.5 points.

Points handicap betting provides bettors with more options for betting and a more competitive betting experience.

In all sports, handicap betting can provide a more even betting opportunity and make games more exciting and unpredictable for bettors.

Spread and Calculation Handicap Odds

The cricket betting spread is the difference between the two teams’ total runs. This is usually expressed as a number of runs, sometimes as a percentage.

Calculation handicap odds are used when a draw is possible in a match. This happens when one team’s net run rate is greater than another team’s net run rate or when the net run rates of both teams are equal.

Choosing a Team or Platform for Cricket Betting Handicap

If you have chosen a platform for cricket betting handicap, you will need to decide what team you will bet on. Thousands of teams worldwide play cricket professionally, so it is important to find out which are popular in your area and follow them closely before placing your bet.

Gaming Gets More Interesting!

The handicap is an in-built cricket feature and attracts people towards the sport. In a way, it levels the field because despite how skilled or better a cricketer is, they always have the chance to beat their opponents, even with the handicap. this regard, handicap in cricket adds another element to the game that many other sports don’t.

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