GER vs FRA match predicts who will win today’s German T20I three series, the third match in 2021

Germany will face France at the Bayer Uhldingen Cricket Ground in Krefeld on Friday, August 6, 2021, for the third match of the 2021 German T20I Three Series. Read on to learn about GER vs. FRA predictions who will win today’s T20I three series in Germany, the third game of 2021.

For today’s third game prediction, there are many factors that are very important. Our experts analyzed various factors related to the game, such as head-to-head records, pitch reports, weather conditions, team style, etc. Let us look at the statistics that are important for GER and FRA predictions.

Lineup of two teams

German team:

French team:

Suventhiran Santhirakumaran, Virk Mohammad Ali, Ibrahim Jabarkhel, Mustafa Omer, Noman Amjad, Usman Shahid, Hevit Alodin Jackson, Lingeswaran Canessane, Dawood Ahmadzai, Jubaid Ahamed, Mobashar Hussain Ashraf, Rahmatullah Mangal Naim Daoudzai)

This is our T20I Tri-Series in Germany, the prediction of the GER and FRA competition in 2021

The following is a case of who will win the T20I three series held in Germany today, the 3rd match in 2021, and Germany vs. France Today’s game prediction.

Case 1: If Germany hits the ball first

The first game score prediction: Germany will score 120-130

Result prediction: France will win the game with 5 wickets

Case 2: If France hits the ball first

The first game score prediction: France will score 125-135

Result prediction: Germany will win the game with 4 wickets


Today’s game predictions, GER vs. FRA game predictions, Germany’s Today T20I Tri-Series, 2021 game predictions and all cricket game predictions are for entertainment only. We do not participate in or promote betting or gambling. In addition, we strongly oppose participating in illegal activities related to cricket. Our experts try to be correct, but we do not guarantee that it is 100% correct.

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