Funny IPL Moments

Indian Premier League has given us a lot of cherished moments over the years. Since its inception it has been the perfect amalgamation of sports and entertainment. It has had its share of controversies, but it has never stopped entertaining the crowd.

Here are some of those funny moments on the field from IPL

Kiss from Warner to Pollard

In an IPL 2013 match between Sun Risers Hyderabad and Mumbai Indians, David Warner was facing Kieron Pollard. Warner was playing for Hyderabad while Pollard was playing for Mumbai. They were in a mood of light banter and exchanging words. Then Pollard bowled a dot ball that Warner missed. Pollard walked up towards the batter but Warner was seen sending a flying kiss to Pollard. That was his kind of sledging that didn’t go well with the bowler. Pollard responded with one of the funniest reactions on the cricket field.

Silent Pollard

In a couple of years’ time, Pollard once again amused the audience with his reactions. This time he was up against his West Indies teammate. Chris Gayle. Pollard tried to initiate a talk with the Royal Challengers Bangalore hitter Gayle during the 8th season of Indian Premier League. But he was interrupted by the umpire. Following that, Pollard was seen using a tape on his mouth in the next over which turned out to be a hilarious moment.

When Gayle chased Yuvraj

During one of the IPL 2015 games, rain stopped a match between Delhi Daredevils and Royal Challengers Bangalore. While other players were walking towards the pavilion, Yuvraj Singh who was playing for Delhi Daredevils pushed away Bangalore’s Chris Gayle in a friendly start chara Gay. with his bat and looked ready to hit the Delhi batter at any given moment. The bromance of these two had been famous during their stay in RCB. Seeing the charm unchanged and intact between the duo, the audience had a good laugh.

Self-goal by Chris Gayle

Gayle is a funny man and his presence on the field in bound to provide unforgettable moments. The IPL hasn’t been any exception. Once again during IPL 2019, Gayle was spotted chasing the spider cam making weird and hilarious expressions. During the same match , Gayle accidentally hit a self-goal which was even funnier for the spectators. He was fielding at the third match. While trying to stop a ball from hitting the boundary line, Gayle hit the ball and instead stopping he accidentally kicked it away to the boundary.

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