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I have a confession. Like most of us, in the weeks before Brisbane, I was attracted by predictions and forecasts.

For the followers of the English cricket team, fatalism and optimism seem to be mutually inclusive. We know the conditions these days are not good for them, but we still believe that victory can be pulled out of the fire in some way.Why the British Cricket’s social media team broadcasts the headingley game of Ben Stokes winning the game and Joroot’s game in 2021 almost every day before this series

We seem to have forgotten that Australia has performed well in almost every department. In the past six weeks, half of the England teams have played T20 cricket, and (provided by an impromptu rainy season) before the already infamous first ball, there was no Any player who has performed any meaningful game practice in Gabba.

However, every December morning, I wake up with uneasy anticipation. Turning the phone off sleep mode and turning on the radio, I remembered how misplaced my expectations were. Whether it’s the latest BBC sports alert flashing on my screen (WICKET: Australia vs. England (1Yingshi Test), Buttler, c Carey, b Hazelwood, 23, England 268-7), or a message sent to our club’s WhatsApp group (“Can’t believe that Root chose to play bowling first. Is he an idiot?“)

After losing nine wickets in Brisbane, the appearance of Hope collapsed, and there is no sign that it will be rebuilt in Adelaide. When we entered what seemed to be another long winter and a winter where batting collapsed, it became clear that the England team had neither the structure nor the players to form a competitive test team.

Players are the product of a system regulated by the European Central Bank, and the year before this series showed more than ever that the European Central Bank’s house-if we say so-is creaking on the rotten foundation. How can we expect it to prepare a team for the success of the Australian Ashes?

If this series is as big as the two teams, the media and even the Greg James of the Radio 1 breakfast show told us, then why does it feel more and more unprepared and planned? Remember, Root and Silverwood have repeatedly stated that since the beginning of 2020, they are moving in the direction of ashes.

Shortly before the start of these “preparations”, the story of the last great English team from the great rise and disastrous fall of cricket was released in the movie “edge“. One of the deadly signs of that team is how it manages so many players. Kevin Peterson, Jonathan Trotter, Steve Finn and others publicly talked about their struggles and the England coaching staff. Reasons for not supporting them.

This team has hardly any improvement in managing players. The cricket test in the Covid era has its own Own challenges, but the European Central Bank is far from reaching its goal.

After the second test in India earlier this February, Moen Ali will go home with some other players to participate in the planned England foam rotation. However, Joe Root told the media that Moen has “chosen” to leave the team. His head coach, Chris Silverwood, hurriedly reconvened the media and clarified that Moen had been planning to return to England after the second India Test, but someone asked him if he wanted to stay for the third game. , Spent an earlier trip to Sri Lanka in the Covid quarantine. Fast forward to the summer. The 33-year-old all-rounder was recalled in the middle of the series. Since the first game of the 2019 Ashes Series, he has not participated in a home test game and played against the Birmingham Phoenix captain. Down. No wonder Mo called it a day in a cricket test after another failed England strike on the Oval in September.

Jack Rich, who is always on the court but rarely bowls, must also want to know if Silverwood or any England support staff also support him. The Somerset Spinner revealed itself as the Wisden of life in the test bubble of the 2020 West Indies and Pakistan Series. As a patient with Crohn’s disease, no one would be dissatisfied with Rich’s absence last summer, but he still wore personal protective equipment and walked through the Rose Bowl outfield with a drink.

In return, he never played a competitive test match ball throughout the summer. After the success of the Winter Tour, when he scored 28 wickets in six tests against Sri Lanka and India, Leach was quickly eliminated in the test schedule this summer. His next ball in a test cricket match will be the second day of the hot tie at Gabba last Thursday.

We don’t know if Rich will play against India in the fifth test cancelled at Old Trafford, but it is unfair to ask a player who has not participated in international competitions for ten months to reverse it under adverse conditions. Not only did Silverwood fail to help Rich, but now he threw him to the Adelaide Stadium, which has been spinning.

A team like Rich is a symptom of a poorly managed and under-prepared team, but victory can solve all problems, and players are usually not enough to cover up their manager’s mistakes.

We may still be deceiving ourselves and staying up until dawn, but the European Central Bank has realized that this England testing team will not or will soon move. Otherwise why is it packed with more limited cricket matches in the summer schedule than Christmas Turkey?

The growing domestic and international white ball schedule will continue to erode the chances of players who test the quality of the game. If we were truly honest—the European Central Bank may have always been—this situation hasn’t happened since the advent of Rutter and Stokes in 2013. The absent Chofra Archer showed a shining light, and Ollie Robinson seemed to cut it at the test level, but they were an exception to the proof rule. Unlike us, the European Central Bank seems to have temporarily abandoned the English cricket test.

In the seam bowling department, the cabinets may not be completely exposed-injuries are not helpful-but it is still an ashes journey for James Anderson and Stuart Broad. When they disappear, who will replace them, and more urgently, who will the operation come from?

Starting with the first goal, this tour may irretrievably expose Rory Burns’ identity as a test match batsman. His starting partner Haseeb Hameed (Haseeb Hameed) only returned to the side because of the decline of Dom Sibley. Dawid Malan is not a long-term choice, and the fickle Jos Buttler has once again returned to his spooky, spooky imitation of his day in the test match whites, whether behind the stump or in front of the stump. After a simple drop of MarnusLabuschagne, a video about his injured face was cut into a “silent voice”, which is ugly.

It is not their fault. Apart from Ben Foakes’ suggestion to take the goalkeeper’s gloves from Butler, there is nothing better than this.

Root appears to be a loan ranger, running on the board for his team. Regardless of the performance of the England captain in the remaining two games of 2021, his batting performance this year is very good. If Ben Stokes can strip himself from the Adelaide field after being knocked down, he may be able to provide some support, but don’t expect to appear on the England cricket team’s Twitter soon. Lee cuts the equivalent of Australians.

We should remind ourselves that Australia is better in all aspects of the game, especially in terms of their family conditions. They should win easily in Adelaide and may end the series in Melbourne or Sydney.

Fatalism and optimism go hand in hand. I will continue to turn on the radio and check my phone every morning. But this poorly managed team is simply not good enough, and my expectations now are right down to the cold winter temperature.

Mark Cohen


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