Faf du Plessis: South Africa, if you forget, I just want to show you how good I am still


Faf du Plessis talked about his Indian Premier League (IPL) There, he is one less than the “orange hat” he has dreamed of this season.

The opening batter of the veteran Chennai Super Kings (CSK) ranked first on his team. In the two-part IPL competition between India and the UAE in 2021, Du Plessis made 633 shots in 16 innings, with an average score of 45.21 and a shooting percentage of 138.20.

The South African right-handed partner with the young Ruturaj Gaikwad (635 runs) played an important role in CSK winning the fourth IPL championship in league history.

Speaking of his steady performance in the yellow jersey, Fav du Plessis said he now realizes that he has a “Good hitting sound and bad hitting sound” In his mind. The 37-year-old said that at this stage, he tried to listen more to positive voices and suppress negative emotions.

“I have a good hitting sound and a bad hitting sound. I have done things well and made sure I can hear this good hitting sound. Give you a practical example of this sound, In the last IPL, I had a great IPL. The goal I set for myself was to be in the top three (top three batsmen) from the beginning. I accomplished this goal very well, but very Obviously, in the process, there are positive and negative voices,” Du Plessis said in a podcast with former Indian psychological conditioning coach Paddy Upton.

“But to refer to events like this, I was in the game, but in the semifinals, I got one, everyone surpassed me, and then I sat at six points. So, we won the game and entered the final. This It’s a grand game, and this negative voice says, “No, you didn’t succeed, they are too far away. In fact, you know what, you’re a little bit bad, I don’t know how you will be in the finals Victory. Oh, this is an important game. You got one in the last game. This voice tells me that I lost.”

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Through this year’s IPL with CSK, Faf du Plessis also emphasized the fact that he still has a lot of cricket. The batsman played for as many as six and a half centuries, including 86 of the 59 key goals against the Kolkata Cavaliers (KKR) in the final. The brisk knock made 7 four-pointers and 3 six-pointers on Dubai’s good batting track, and allowed CSK to post a huge 192/3 before they restricted KKR to 165/9.

Du Plessis said that his thinking process is like this, he wants to do his best to end with an “orange hat.” This is not to surpass his young teammate Gaikwad, but to increase CSK’s score as much as possible. He admitted that in that game, he also had a mentality, he wanted to prove his point of view to South African Cricket (CSA) and the selectors.

“You could have listened to it (negative voice), and I would have listened to it in the past, but this positive voice went on to say that the top three are your goals. In times of stress, you will perform at your best. You Mr. Reliable,” Du Plessis said.

“When the pressure is the most, that’s you. Okay, what do you need? Run 40 times to get into the top three, okay, no, I have to run 83 times to be number one. I want that orange hat. Besides. , I want to say,’South African cricket, I just want to tell you how great I am still if you forget.'”

“It’s amazing that the finals are played exactly the way I imagined in my mind, thinking about it in my mind and talking about it in my diary,” The former Proteas captain said that this is another brilliant example of cricket visualization.

Although hinted that he has a great chance to participate in the T20 World Cup in the UAE, after being excluded from ODI and T20I by South Africa, IPL 2021 is doubly important for Faf du Plessis. Du Plessis completed 313 matches under difficult conditions in the UAE, but was not considered for the subsequent T20 World Cup held on similar stadiums. This marked a direct rift between experienced cricket players and the CSA board system .


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