England survived a tense match for the fourth ashes test with Australia

In the fourth Ashes Test, England’s tails stood tall as they scrambled to conduct a heartbreaking draw that ended with nine points in Sydney to prevent Australia’s whitewashing hope.

After defeats in Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne, the visitors prevented the rot in SCG in the most tense way as No. 11 James Anderson repelled the last six goals of the game.

When Jack Leach’s outstanding guard action ended with only three games left, 39-year-old Anderson came to an end in a painful drama. He bravely fought against Australia’s 34-ball advanced attack, but became Steve Smith’s first test scalp since 2016. After the referee believed that poor light meant insecurity, the part-time leg spinner was his first At the end of the game, strike the seam.

Stuart Broad hit 35 goals in the key 8 games and embraced his long-time bowling partner there when Anderson plucked up the courage to stifle Smith’s final-it was a fascinating victory The 91st and 102nd innings of the day.

The England team led 270 to 9 at the end of the game, far below the theoretical goal of 388 points, but managed to restore a certain degree of pride in the penultimate game of the frustrating tour.

Despite losing the urn in just 12 days, England now knows they will not suffer the stigma of a 5-0 series sweep, and the same fate happened in the 2006/07 and 2013/14 seasons.

The pendulum has been swinging many times throughout the day, but the most decisive thing is that Australia’s violent charge in the last hour rescued a mid-level player who was injured on foot by three players supported by painkillers.

Ben Stokes (side), Jonny Bairstow (thumb) and Jos Buttler (finger) all played in severe discomfort. Although the latter has withdrawn from the series finale in Hobart next week, there is no guarantee that any of his teammates will be suitable. .

England knows they need a long and hard fight to prevent defeat, and they have several players to thank them for laying the foundation for the bottom line.

Zak Crawley (77), Stokes (60) and Bairstow (41) all made at least 100 goals, demonstrating the dedication and determination that this series often lacks.

But even so, if the unwelcome colleagues on the other end of the order do not show great personalities on the business end, their work will be in vain.

Especially for Anderson, there must be memories of the Ashes draw he helped complete with Monty Panesa in Cardiff in 2009.

England would realize that if there were no afternoon showers, and seeing seven games deprived of that day’s game, they would almost certainly have been staring at a 4-0 score, but a small part of their luck would have been better on a trip with little plan. Important not welcome.

In the final game, the four scored 193 points, while Stokes and Bierstow were at a disadvantage. The situation of the England team looked relatively safe, but the real excitement was only bubbling.

Stokes showed obvious discomfort throughout his stay, falling just before the most important new ball, and after firmly completing the previous 123 deliveries, Nathan Lyon reminded him apology Slipped.

Although his pressure is limited, he has given everything for this cause, which shows that even if he tried to swing his bat in anger, he was prevented by the pain of the intercostal muscles.

This makes Australia feel optimistic again, because they opened a fresh Kookaburra and there are 22 times left. Captain Pat Cummins used it to blow open the door and issued a powerful double-tap in the 85th game.

First he let Butler lbw hit 11 times on the back foot, and wisely called DRS after being rejected on the field, then after two goals he produced a gorgeous internal spin York, smashing Mark Wood’s directly in front of the middle stump. foot.

This is a heavy blow to England’s hopes, but their will has not been broken. Bierstow had a blockade that lasted nearly three hours after his first game century, most of which was done with his tail. When he left the bat mat for a chance to raise Australia again, Rich and Bro Germany used real steel to fight the odds.

They absorbed 52 deliveries and shared 32 runs. Leach made 25 runs while taking full advantage of the super attack field. It seemed that they were coming to an end, but when Smith was accidentally selected for service in the dimming light, Rich slipped to expose Anderson’s final defense.

Crowley’s efforts were almost forgotten by then, but he started a new day with optimism, free-flowing knocks while Hasib Hamid, David Maran, and Root did not. Make the same effort.

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