ECS Sweden, Stockholm, the 16th game of 2021 against the PF Dream11 team today

Forenom Royals will face Pakistan Forening in the 2021 ECS Sweden 16th match on Thursday, July 22, 2021 at the Norsborg Cricket Ground in Stockholm. Read on to learn about ECS Sweden, Stockholm, the 16th game of 2021, today against the PF Dream11 team.

Lineup of two teams

Forenom Royals:

Rohit Juneja, Sashikanth Raavikanti, Srinivas Manem, Srinivasa Raghupati, Srujan Gorthi, Kranthi Badagu, Sahil Prashar, Srini Jettiboyina, Anirudh Ram, Divya Gadde, Aditya Shirke, Akhilesh Balusu, Ameya Bendre, Akhilesh Balusu, Ameya Bendre, Arkitarnina Prasarnina , Jayshil Kothari, Prabhu Dorairaj

Pakistan Association team:

Kamran Zia, Mohammed Vajjih Ali, Rukhsar Ahmed, Sheharyar Raza, Waqar Hassan, Hammad Iftikhar, Jamal Awan, Khalil Jalali, Muhammad Abdullah, Muhammad Waqqas Vaince, Qamri Gujjar, Shahzaib Gul, Taliair Khals , Bilal Mohamed, Jitande Singh, Samir Ali Khan, Sally Shaji, Usama Chowdhury, Al Jabbar Hussein, Farang Chowdhury, Fah Luke Ilias, Imamuddin

Let’s find out the tips for the FOR against the PF Dream11 team in the 16th game of ECS Sweden, Stockholm, 2021 today. This will help you build the perfect Dream11 team for today’s ECS Sweden, Stockholm, 2021 game.

this is the best Dream 11 Today’s team ECS Sweden, Stockholm, the 16th game of 2021 FOR vs. PF

team leader: Rohit Junia

Deputy Captain: Bilal Muhammad

Tellers: Aniludram

Batsman: Vaccar Hassan, Frank Chowdhury, Anjit Pandey

All-rounder: Samir Ali Khan, Arpit Tiwari, Rohit Juneja

bowling: Zubair Aslam, Amia Bundre, Jamal Awan, Bilal Mohamed

Here is what the best dream team looks like in ECS Sweden, Stockholm, and the 16th FOR against PF in 2021.

FOR vs PF Dream11 team


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