ECS Sweden, Malmö, the 36th game of 2021. LND vs. GOC game predicts who will win today

Lund will play Gothenburg City at the Landskron Cricket Club in the 36th match of ECS Malmö, Sweden 2021 on Wednesday, August 11, 2021. Read on to learn about ECS Sweden, Malmö, the 36th LND vs. GOC match prediction in 2021.

This is our ECS Sweden, Malmö, 2021 LND vs. GOC game 36 prediction

Case 1: If Lund hits the ball first

The first game score prediction: Lund will score 95-105

Result prediction: Gothenburg City won the game with 7 wickets

Situation 2: If City of Gothenburg First hit

The first game score prediction: City of Gothenburg Will score 100-110

Result prediction: Lund will win the game with 6 wickets

Lineup of two teams

Lund Team:

Praveen Papareddy, Priyesh Ranjan, Ali Ihsan, Ashfaq Ali, Chandan Reddy, Chinthan Rai, Debarchan Dash, Husnain Khalid, Jerome Jeevanandham, Puneeth Shivarudrappa, Reventh Thiruvallur, Shashank Bhanuprakash, Sunnyha Inla, Ushabin Hassan Zamde, Happy Haroon Malik, Inder Singh, Nabeel Sayed, Ovais Syed, Javed Mohamad, Kamaljeet Bharaj, Lijo George

Gothenburg City Team:

Aslam Adnan, Avinash Ketty, Danyal Siddiqui, Dharmendra Challapalli, Dinesh Raju, Harinder Singh, Hasibur Ra​​hman, Mahib Shahin, Mohammad Rahat, Raheem Khan, Rejin Balachandran, Vikas Dixit, Shadhin Mahmud, Alighars Umar Aslam, Joseph , Sachin Patkar, Vimal Kumar, Abu Zar, Manoj Revanth, Qasir Mahmood, Rahim Safi


The forecast is for entertainment only. We do not participate in or promote betting or gambling. In addition, we strongly oppose participating in illegal activities related to cricket. Our experts try to be correct, but we do not guarantee that it is 100% correct.

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