ECS Romania, 19th game in 2021. BUG vs. CLJ. Predict who will win today

The Bucharest Gladiators will face Cluj at the Moara Vlasiei Cricket Ground in Ilfov County, Bucharest on Friday, July 16, 2020 for the 19th game of ECS Romania in 2021. Read on to learn about ECS Romania, the 19th BUG vs. CLJ game prediction in 2021.

This is our ECS Romania, the 19th game prediction of BUG vs. CLJ in 2021

Case 1: If the Bucharest Gladiators hit the ball first

The first game score prediction: Bucharest Gladiator will score 75-85

Result prediction: Cluj won the game with 9 wickets

Situation 2: If Cluj First hit

The first game score prediction: Cluj Will score 130-140

Result prediction: Cluj will win the game 35-45


Bucharest Gladiator team:

Kokulan Subramaniyam, Moiz Muhammad, Patras Masih, Regan Francis, Shajeel Muhammad, Zameer Mushtaq, Imran Haider, Shalitha Prabath, Manmeet Koli, Pavel Florin, Cosmin Zavoiu, Esanka Rumesh Priyadharshana, Satish Kumar, Vjimalraj, Binalraj

Cluj team:

Ravindra Athapaththu, Sohel Shaikh, Taranjeet Singh, Vasu Saini, Satwik Nadigotla, Sivakumar Periyalwar, Arun Kumar, Gaurav Mishra, Karthik Ramachandran, Safi Ahmad, Sukhkaran Sahi, Anand Rajshekara, Nishant Devre, Rajendra Pisal


The forecast is for entertainment only. We do not participate in or promote betting or gambling. In addition, we strongly oppose participating in illegal activities related to cricket. Our experts try to be correct, but we do not guarantee that it is 100% correct.

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