ECS Malmö, Sweden, the 9th HRO in 2021 against the AF Dream11 team today

The Helsingborg Royals will face Ariane AKIF in the 2021 ECS ninth game in Malmö, Sweden, on Wednesday, August 4, 2020 at Landskrona Cricket Club. Read on to learn about ECS Sweden, Malmö, the 9th HRO vs. AF Dream11 team in 2021 today.

Lineup of two teams

Helsingborg Royals Team:

Ariana AKIF team:

Rahatullah Rahatullah, Zabiullah Wardak, Abdul Naser, Delawar Khan, Hazrat Omed, Javid Khan, Krishna Digumurthi, Maly Gholam, Qaiser Mahmood, Sreekanth Medavarapu, Ihsan Shirzad, Imran Khan, Ayub Azizi Seep, Imran Khan, Ayub Azizis, Badarham, Anudik, You Dharmender Singh, Karan Singh, Khaled Mohammad, Mazhar Khan, Param Singh, Pawan Kumar

Let’s find out the tips for the HRO and AF Dream11 teams for today’s ECS Sweden, Malmö, the 9th game of 2021. This will help you build the perfect Dream11 team for today’s ECS Sweden, Malmö, 2021 game.

this is the best Dream 11 Today’s team ECS Sweden, Malmö, the 9th game of 2021 HRO vs. AF

team leader: Delaware Khan

Deputy Captain: Gul Sadashif

Tellers: Madan Prabhu

Batsman: Khalid Mohammed, Davind Singh, Damand Singh, Rahatullah

All-rounder: Drava Khan, Prasanjit Behra, Deep Krishnan

bowling: Rohit Sapro, Gul Sadashv, Yusuf Babak

The following is what ECS Sweden, Malmö, and the 9th game of HRO vs. AF in 2021 look like the best dream team

ECS Malmö, Sweden 2021 Game 9 HRO vs. AF Dream11 Team Today

HRO vs AF Dream11 team


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