ECS Germany, Krefeld, predict who will win today’s 40th BBS vs DB match in 2021


On Thursday, May 27, 2021, the Bonn Blue Stars will face the Dusseldorf Black Hats at the Bayer Uhldingen Cricket Ground in Krefeld in the 2021 ECS Germany 40 Krefeld. Game predictions.

This is our ECS Germany, Krefeld, 2021 Bonn Blue Stars vs. Dusseldorf Black Hat match 40th match prediction

Case 1: If the Bonn Blue Star bats first

Result prediction: Düsseldorf Black Hats will win the game with 5 wickets

Situation 2: If Dusseldorf Black Hat Hit the ball first

Score prediction in the first game: Dusseldorf Black Hat Score 100-110

Result prediction: Bonn Bluestar will win the game with 6 wickets


Bonn Blue Star team:

Sahir Naqash, Vikram Jeet, Bryan Rattan, Hasan Bukhari, Jaspreet Hunjhan, Jawad Azizi, Vprerendra Joshi, Khurram Ilyas, Zaheer Abbas, Asad Mohammad, Haron Khan, MD Shafiullah Kadem, Rajvanjit Singh, Ranjit Singh, Ranjit Singh , Ranjit Singq Rajaden (Rajudeen), Farhan Shaukat (Farhan Shaukat), Karanjit Brar (Karanjit Brar), Manpreet Ghotra (Manpreet Ghotra), Naim Akhtar

Dusseldorf Black Hats:

Adithya Rao, Benjamin Das, Harman Singh, Jamshed Khan, Jatin Masiwal, Cash Kashif Shahab, Neeraj Sharma, Oascoroni Ahamed, Venkat Ganesan, Nilay Patel, Nilay Patel (Niraj Patel), Rahul Srinivas, Vishal Malik, Tobias Brucklmeier, Udit Saxena, Abdulmajeed Ahmadzai


The forecast is for entertainment purposes only. We will not participate in or promote gambling or gambling. In addition, we strongly discourage participation in illegal activities related to cricket. Our experts will try their best to be correct, but we cannot guarantee that it is 100% correct.

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