ECS Germany, Kiel, the 22nd game of 2021 THCC vs. SCE Predict who will win today

THCC Hamburg will play SC Europa at the Kiel Cricket Ground of the 2021 ECS Germany Kiel Cricket Ground on Saturday, June 5, 2021. Read on to learn about THCC vs. SCE predictions for the 22nd game of ECS Kiel, Germany in 2021.

This is our ECS Germany, Kiel, 2021 THCC Hamburg vs SC Europa match 22 prediction

Case 1: If THCC Hamburg hits the ball first

The first game score prediction: THCC Hamburg will score 85-95

Result prediction: SC Europa will win the game with 6 wickets

Case 2: If SC Europe First hit

The first game score prediction: SC Europe Will score 95-105

Result prediction: SC Europa will win the game with a 10-20 advantage


THCC Hamburg team:

Behram Ali, Jaswell Lator, Keim Jeffries, Kasik Suresh, Miton Jakati, Rahul Kumar, Aswan Siwa Kumar, Bakhtiar Safi, Michael Anderson, Rohan Padek, Surya Narayanan, Chandan Motilal, Sudir Thakur, Abi Ja Ha, Abik Jana, Angus Pickering

SC Europe team:

Israfeel Aryubi, Samiullah Habibi, Umar Farooq, Dawood Aryubi, Mohibullah Nayel, Muhammad Mohsin, Sahel Darwish, Amjad Zazai, Bilal Shinwari, Dev Rana, Hamza Muhammad, Khawaja Khalid, Nader Fakhry, Rahel, Kazahan, Orkashi, Rahel, Kazahan Muhammad Bilal, Rahim Khan, Wahidullah Amini, Atiqullah Bawar, Hedayatullah Ibrahimkhel, Hikman Shinwari


The forecast is for entertainment only. We do not participate in or promote betting or gambling. In addition, we strongly oppose participating in illegal activities related to cricket. Our experts try to be correct, but we do not guarantee that it is 100% correct.

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