ECB Revises Lou Vincent’s Life Ban


The England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has revised the life ban imposed on former New Zealand cricketer Lou Vincent, lifting the 11 lifetime bans he received in 2014 for his involvement in match-fixing. Vincent accepted the sanctions back then, which excluded him from any form of cricket. However, in August 2023, he applied for a reversal of the bans and successfully got them lifted.

As of now, Vincent is permitted to participate and be involved in cricket matches at or below the level of domestic cricket. The decision to revise such a ban requires a compelling case, and Vincent’s application was supported by strong evidence demonstrating high levels of contrition, remorse, and efforts to make amends. The ECB stated that Vincent’s conduct following the sanction played a crucial role in the decision. His full and frank admissions, immediate and total cooperation with cricket and civil authorities worldwide, and participation in anti-corruption education programs for New Zealand Cricket and the ECB were considered.

The ECB’s Cricket Discipline Commission (CDC), represented by Elias CBE KC, officially lifted the bans with immediate effect. The release from ECB emphasized the factors considered, including Vincent’s contrition, remorse, and efforts to make amends. The decision underscores the importance of actions post-sanction in demonstrating a commitment to rectifying past mistakes.

This development opens up new possibilities for Lou Vincent in cricket, allowing him to engage with the sport at the domestic level after nearly a decade of being sidelined due to the life bans.

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