Ebadot Hossain: How Air Force Volleyball Players Become Bangladesh’s Cricket Test Hero

Just as Ebadot Hossain’s name resonated in the cricket world after him Magnificent 6/46 Helping Bangladesh win their first test victory on New Zealand soil, it feels more and more incredible to think that the slipping right-arm pacemaker can easily lose to volleyball.

The Sylhet-born racer has always had the passion and desire to play cricket for Bangladesh, but his first tryst with volleyball is itself a story worth telling.

Ebadot Hossain joined the Bangladesh Air Force as a volleyball player in 2012, trying to make a living through a safe and reliable job, which also allows him to keep in touch with the sports world.

But cricket has always been the first love of this 27-year-old player. He has been led by Shakib Al Hasan, the world’s leading all-around player, in this world-renowned left-arm spinner at all levels. Hunting through pacemakers in the country turned to cricket.

New Zealand V prohibition: The record is rich as Bangladesh beat New Zealand in the first test

Ebadot Hossain’s heroic performance at the Bay Oval helped Bangladesh win its first test victory in New Zealand. (Photo courtesy: Twitter/Wisden)

“It’s not my dream to join the Air Force, nor is it to play volleyball,” Ebadot told ESPNcricinfo in an interview interview Back to 2016. “I have loved cricket since I was a kid, so I always try to pursue this sport in any way possible.”

“I need a job, but the Air Force has always treated me well. But after all these things happened in the past few months, my squadron officer told me that no matter how old you become a cricketer, you will always stay air force.”

After trying volleyball for nearly four years, Ebadot learned about a fast bowling game organized by the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), in which the best and brightest people will be selected for the high-performance plan.

Recognizing what it is, this is a life-changing opportunity, Ebadot strives for two goals and each of the 14,611 fast candidates participating has a chance to deliver. Initially wishing to register from the Dhaka station of the competition, Ebadot moved to the southwestern part of Dhaka in Faridapur, where he made a breakthrough.

After attracting the attention of various coaches, as part of a hunt in the national capital, Ebadot was taken to the Bangladesh HP team, where the faster he pitched, the higher he climbed the ladder.

“Sarwar Imran Sir told me to vote six times,” Reflecting the sense of awe he inspired, although he played only a few games in the Dhaka Division 1 Cricket League 2014-15 one day in his career, he stood out from others. “Using one of them, my speed was 133 km/h. I entered the last 30 and then the top 10. In the final round in Dhaka, I reached 139.9 km/h with one of the deliveries. .”

Who is Ebadot Hossain in Bangladesh’s fast bowling world

As part of the paced talent search, BCB also invited former Pakistan fast bowler Aqib Javed to work with these young people. In these four days, Ebadot Hossain was shocked by this determined coach, but learned a lot. Looking at the operation of the group of pacemakers, Aqib further filtered the list of notable possibilities to four. Ebadot is one of those pacemakers.

“Aaqib Javed worked according to our pace and approach on the first day,” Ebadot said in an interview at the time. “He explained to us how to speed up the pace. Then he taught us swings, variations and reverse swings on the last day. He couldn’t measure my pace by seeing my body structure. He said I lack physical strength, but I You can speed up your pace with proper muscle exercise.”

But since he has no other way to keep food for himself and his family, Ebadot might still be forced to continue his volleyball career in the Air Force if it weren’t for the opportunities he got at home.

Ebadot represented the Sylhet Division against the Rajshahi Division for the first time in the Tier 2 match of the National Cricket League in September 2016. He played 1/42 and 2/12 spells in a draw and never looked back.

Bowling on unresponsive tracks, the pacemaker cannot warm up to top-notch games or hone his skills as early as young people in other parts of the world. But in the first days, his absolute speed in bowling was enough to make people turn their heads and make a breakthrough in time. Ebadot has now played 40 top-notch games, hitting 108 wickets with a score of 31.69-in the context of Bangladesh cricket and the way it is set for speed geniuses to flourish (or not flourish), This is a strong record.

New Zealand has always been the site of two of the most special outings organized by Ebadot for Bangladesh. The second one is now well-known, but the first one is equally special because he made his debut in Hamilton in the last Test Circuit in Bangladesh in 2019.

At that time, in a disappointing defeat in Bangladesh, Ebadot used a single wicket 27 times for 107 runs. But in cricket, what defines you is not the glorious days, but how you overcome adversity and failure to create them.

Ebadot returned to New Zealand to become a more mature, skilled and disciplined bowler to provide the best spell of his career and to win one of the greatest days in test history for Bangladesh cricket .

The success of being a Bay Oval hero will never disappear in memory, but maybe the battle to make a living with volleyball while eager for the opportunity of cricket, the difficult journey, the difficult number of yards Ebadot Hossain walked to win this day, will always be Define him and pave the way for more glorious years in the coming years.

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