DUM vs SIN Live Cricket Score Ball Comment, Score Card and Results

Keep in touch with us and get BYJU’s Jharkhand T20, real-time scores in 2021, live cricket scores of the 11th match between DUM and SIN, comments and minute-by-minute real-time updates.

Dumka Daredevil

Singboom forward

The game has not yet started

BYJU’S Jharkhand T20, 2021

Ranchi JSCA International Stadium

Start date: July 22, 2021

Dumka Daredevils vs Singhbhum Strickers live cricket score

Toss and Playing XI: The game will start at 9 a.m. (IST) on Thursday, July 22, 2021.

Lineup of two teams

Dumka Daredevil Squad:

Shivam Rai, Aayush Kumar, Akshat Jain, Junaid Ashraf, Mohit Kumar, Bhanu Anand, Ajay Sonu T, Nishikant Kumar, Sonu Singh, Vivekanand Tiwary, Amit Gupta, Arnav Sinha, Ronit Singh, Saurabh Shekhar

Singerboom Stricker:

Wilfred Beng, Amardeep Singh, Amit Kumar, Vinayak Vikram, Ankit Raj Singh, Sumit Kumar, Ajay Yadav, Aryaman Lala, Bal Krishna, Pratik Bhakat, Ankit Kumar, Harshit Namdev, Kumar Karan, Sharandeep Singh

BYJU’s Jharkhand T20, 11th game in 2021 DUM and SIN Live score, Scorecard and results

Follow DUM and SIN real-time scores through ball comments, and learn about what happened on the spot with us.

Singhbhum Strickers VS Dumka Daredevils match details

Catch BYJU’s Jharkhand T20, the 11th DUM vs. SIN live cricket match in 2021, and make ball-by-ball comments through quick scorecard updates and latest news results.

Competition details

time: The 11th match between DUM and SIN will start at 9 AM (IST) on Thursday, July 22, 2021.

location: BYJU’s Jharkhand T20, the 11th DUM vs. SIN match in 2021 will be held at the JSCA International Stadium in Ranchi.

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