Dinesh Karthik Unveils IPL Mini-Auction Insights


The mini-auction for the upcoming IPL was organized on December 19. A lot of interesting things took place in the program. The auction tables saw some incredible deals. All the franchises locked horns with each other to grab the most amazing deals. The most expensive purchase in the history of this tournament happened in the auction. Kolkata Knight Riders bought Australian star Mitchell Starc with a whopping amount of 24.75 crore. After the auction, Indian player Dinesh Karthik talked about some key takeaways from the IPL mini-auction.

Key Takeaways Featuring Dinesh Karthik:

The IPL 2024 auction watched many exciting things. All teams fought hard to bag the best deal. Teams like Kolkata Knight Riders and SunRisers Hyderabad grabbed some great deals. KKR purchased Australian bowling sensation Mitchell Starc with a massive amount of 24.75 crore. The Aussie skipper Pat Cummins was purchased by SRH for 20.5 crore. Any of the Indian players didn’t get that much money in this auction. Only these two players crossed the mark of 20 crores.

After the auction, Indian player Dinesh Karthik came up with some trends that followed in IPL and what was the team’s thoughts. He discussed everything in brief. Firstly, he talked about the auction strategy of the franchises. They played the game quite tactically. They were in the thought of bagging good players. When the first bunch came, the teams didn’t bid early, they waited and spent the money wisely. 

On the matter of Travis Head’s pick in the auction, he said, “Mallika Sagar almost put the hammer down before SunRisers put the first bid and as soon as the first bid was put then CSK followed and everybody followed to bid for that player and then took him to price which was good and at that stage the team which was SRHwanted him and they took him at that price. This is not easy. So, the thinking is very obvious.”

Another thing that he highlighted was ‘No Bid Fight’. According to him, “Teams no more look to increase the price point of a player unnecessarily. It has happened before but what I did notice in this auction was definitely none of that took in this auction. They were very sure to what they wanted if they were bidding for a player, it’s a player they want not just for the heck of it to in increase the price and then let go at some point. Because there’s a lot of risk involved in that because you ended up doing that and by chance if the team that you’re bidding against decides you know what I think we’ve gone up to the price point that we want and we are going to stop after this then that player in many ways comes to you and might not be useful enough for you.”

The next point he highlighted over ‘Maximising the Mini’. He said, “The third is an unhealthy one, not one that I’m a big fan of what I have noticed is the mini-auction is definitely used by players and agents very cleverly where they bring them on into the mini-auction and they go for absurd unheard of prices knowing that the teams come in with a lot of money and they have some holes to fill and hence they price skyrockets to a different level and I want to take an example.”

Dinesh Karthik on Social Media:

On his social media handle, he reposted this video and wrote, “ I’m not a big fan of players coming straight into MINI auctions and I feel foreign players and their agents seem to use it cleverly because they see a loophole there. I feel BCCI can clamp down on this problem and I’ve given a couple of solutions in my recent video for @Cricbuzz. Have a look and let me know if you think it’s a fair solution. I’ve also discussed a few of the trends that I have noticed in the recently concluded @IPL mini-auction.”  

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