Delhi’s heartwarming gesture for Rishabh Pant leaves fans awestruck


Delhi Capitals are missing the services of their regular captain Rishabh Pant today. Pant was involved in an accident last year after which he had suffered an injury, which had initially ruled him out of this year’s IPL. Even though Pant was absent from Delhi’s dugout, Delhi made an amazing gesture to make sure he was present with the team.

What did Delhi do?

The Delhi Capitals team paid a touching tribute to their injured captain Rishabh Pant during their IPL match against the Lucknow Super Giants by sporting his jersey in the dugout. The gesture was a show of solidarity and respect for Pant, who is missing the IPL due to a recent injury .

The gesture was widely appreciated by fans and cricketing experts alike, who lauded the team for their show of respect for Pant. Many fans took to social media to express their admiration for the team’s gesture, with some calling it a “great gesture” and others praising the Delhi Capitals for their team spirit and unity.

While Pant may be missing from the field this season, his presence remains strong in the hearts of his teammates and fans. The Delhi Capitals’ tribute to their captain is a testament to his leadership and impact on the team and a reminder of his importance to Indian cricket.

Pant watching the game

Rishabh Pant, the injured captain of the Delhi Capitals IPL team, was spotted watching his team’s match against the Lucknow Super Giants from the sidelines. Pant, who suffered an injury in December last year, had been ruled out of the IPL, much to the disappointment of his fans and teammates.

Despite being injured, Pant has remained active on social media, where he has been sharing updates with his fans about his recovery. He took to his Instagram account to tell his fans that he was watching the game and supporting his team despite being away from the action. In an Instagram story, Pant posted a snippet of today’s game while tagging his team, the Delhi Capitals.

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