Deepti Sharma Earns ‘Ben Stokes’ Moniker for All-Round Brilliance in India Women’s Cricket


In a surprising revelation, India women’s team head coach Amol Mazumdar disclosed that all-rounder Deepti Sharma has earned the nickname “Ben Stokes” within the national team. This intriguing moniker stems from Deepti’s exceptional throwing abilities in the outfield, reminiscent of the renowned English all-rounder.

India’s one-off Test match against England witnessed Deepti Sharma’s stellar performance, where she single-handedly dismantled the opposition with a remarkable five-wicket haul, conceding just seven runs in the first innings. Her outstanding contribution played a pivotal role in India‘s commanding position in the match, allowing them to eventually set a target of 479 runs.

Amol Mazumdar said

In an exclusive interview ahead of Day 3 in the Test match, Coach Amol Mazumdar shared insights into Deepti’s nickname. He said, “Deepti is known as ‘Ben Stokes‘ in the Indian team because of her bullet throws in the outfield. It’s a recognition of her dynamic and impactful contributions, much like the renowned English all-rounder.”

Deepti Sharma, who has been a consistent performer for the Indian women’s team, expressed her happiness after the remarkable five-wicket haul. She said, “It’s an honor to be recognized in this way by my teammates. I always strive to contribute to the team’s success, and it’s heartening to see that my efforts are acknowledged in such a unique manner.”

The moniker “Ben Stokes” not only reflects Deepti Sharma’s cricketing skills but also underscores the camaraderie and admiration within the Indian women’s cricket team. As the team looks to maintain its dominance in the ongoing Test match, Deepti’s “Ben Stokes” persona adds an extra layer of excitement to her performances on the field.

Deepti Sharma’s journey in cricket continues to inspire, and her newfound nickname pays homage to her exceptional skills and commitment to the team’s success. As the Test match unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate more stellar performances from the player known as “Ben Stokes” in the Indian women‘s cricket fraternity.

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