County Championships, 2021 real-time score: live cricket scores, scorecards and results for the 69th match between LEI and GLO


Stay in touch with us and get real-time cricket scores, ball-by-ball comments, and minute-by-minute real-time updates for the 2021 County Championship, the 69th LEI vs. GLO game.

Toss and Playing XI: The game will start on Thursday, June 3, 2021. 3:30pm (IST) at Grace Road, Leicester.

Lineup of two teams

Leicestershire team:

Alan Liley, Ben Mike, Colin Ackerman, George Rhodes, Scott Steele, Harry Swindlers, Lewis Hill, Sam Bates, Alec Evans, Callum Parkinson, Chris Wright, Dieter Klein, Ed Barnes, Gavin Griffith, Nathan Bowley, Will Davis, Harry Dilden, Hassan Azad, Marcus Harris, Nick Welch, Rich Patel, Sam Evans

Gloucestershire team:

Dominic Goodman, George Scott, Graeme Van Buren, Jack Taylor, Oliver Price, Ryan Higgins, James Brace, Tom Lace, Daniel Waller , David Payne, Harry Hankins, Jared Warner, Josh Shaw, Matt Taylor, Tom Smith, Chris Dante, George Hankins, Ian Cokeban , Craig Brathwaite, Miles Hammond, Tom Price, Ben Charlesworth, Benny Howell

County Championship, the 69th game of 2021 LEI vs. GLO real-time scores, scorecards and results

Follow LEI’s ball-by-ball comments on the GLO live cricket match, and learn about what happened on-site with us.

Leicestershire vs Gloucestershire match details

Catch County Championship, 2021 LEI vs GLO Live Cricket Score the ball, with quick scorecard updates, latest news results, etc.

time: The 69th game of LEI vs. GLO will start at 3:30 PM (IST) on Thursday, June 3, 2021.

location: County Championship, the 69th game of 2021 LEI vs. GLO will be played at Grace Road, Leicester.

Timing of shots: The Leicestershire vs. Gloucestershire match will be played on Grace Road, Leicester at 3:30 pm 30 minutes (IST) before the scheduled start of the match.

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