Countries where cricket is increasingly popular


In the face of traditional sports like football in these countries, cricket can only see its popularity increase, and more and more teams or countries can now be followed on online sports betting sites. In India, you can play with your team legally thanks to the Parimatch bonus codewhich provides you with a safe solution. This is valid for all cricket competitions when they are represented.

Countries where cricket is increasingly popular

At the start of the last century, cricket was popular in very few countries, mostly where the British empire ruled. The game gradually went on to become popular in different parts of the world. By the end of the century, England had not won a major cricketing tournament, while a total of five different countries were crowned the champions of the world. This certainly helped the game set foot in many other countries.

Now, according to QuoraCricket is highly popular in the Indian subcontinent and has a major following. Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, host their own T20 Leagues across the year in which players from all across the world participate. In countries like Afghanistan and Nepal, the game has become a lot popular and has a massive following as well.

Countries like Bermuda, Namibia, and Uganda have played in at least one global cricketing tournament since the beginning of this century. But, due to their small size, poor economic conditions, and chaotic organizational structure, they still need to make a mark at the global level despite having a major following.

In countries like Australia and New Zealand, cricket is a popular game but not as popular as rugby. Surprisingly, in England, cricket stands in third in popularity behind football and rugby. There are countries like Scotland, Ireland, Kenya, and Zimbabwe where the indigenous population plays cricket, and they have achieved considerable success at the international level, but the sport remains relatively unpopular. And then there are countries like Canada, UAE, USAHong Kong, and Oman, where cricket is popular among the migrant population and is played by them only.

The impact of T20 cricket: How the shorter format is attracting new fans

T20 cricket has been one of the biggest inventions in recent times, and it has helped the game reach newer countries and young audiences. At the start of the last decade, cricket was going through a phase where fans were not turning up for games despite every Effort made by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). They decided to shorten the number of overs, which reduced the time for each game.

The new format started attracting fans, and then ICC took notice. In 2005, Australia and New Zealand played the first T20 International game. In 2007, India shocked the world as they were crowned the first T20 champions of the World. Suddenly, the format , which was just an experiment, became the new talk of the town. The BCCI launched the Indian Premier League, a franchise T20 tournament, and the rest is what they call history.


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