Could this be Dhoni’s last season at the IPL?


The stage is set for the 16th season of the Indian Premier LeagueWith less than three days remaining before the first ball is bowled, the excitement is as high as it could be. However, there is a huge concern for the fans as well. This IPL could very well be the last season for several legends, one of whom is fan-favorite Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Dhoni hinted at his retirement but…

Last year, when MS Dhoni was asked if 2023 could be the last time fans see him in CSK yellow, he had hinted that it could very well be. Dhoni had mentioned that he wanted to give Chennai fans the farewell they deserved, and the last time he ever held the bat for Chennai would be nowhere else but at Chepauk.

Once Dhoni made such remarks last season, everyone expected that he would announce his retirement in advance before the 16th season began. However, as the date for the start of this season approaches closer and closer, there have not been any statements from MS surrounding his retirement. Cricket pundits have tried taking a blind guess, but none of them could say with surety if Dhoni will hang his boots or not.

Since Dhoni no longer plays international cricket, he started his practice a little earlier than other CSK players to stay in touch with his cricketing side. During the course of practice, CSK shared several pictures of MS Dhoni in the nets, and he looks fitter than ever. For the first time ever, fans saw a bulkier, heavyweight side of Dhoni. Fans literally drooled over Dhoni’s biceps. Dhoni’s enhanced fitness, coupled with his prolific understanding of the game suggests that there’s a lot more cricket left in him.

Dhoni is known to be a secretive person, who does not reveal his cards until the very last moment. His Test and ODI retirement announcements came out of the blue when no one expected, and we can only assume that he will do something similar with his IPL retirement as well. Until Dhoni himself says so, the debate around his retirement is completely futile. We can only anticipate that he will continue to play till he feels like it.


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