Chris Gale may appear in the West Indies for the last time; Twitter reaction

West Indies Legend Dwayne Bravo It was announced that he would withdraw from international cricket competitions after the ongoing T20 World Cup. He is ready to play the final game against the Australian team in Abu Dhabi today. However, along with Bravo, another West Indies legend may appear on the Windies jersey for the last time. This is Chris Gayle, the boss of the universe.

The West Indies were asked by Australia to hit the ball first in the ongoing T20 World Cup. Gale started with two six-pointers and made 15 of 9 shots. Pat Cummins Someone saw Gail lift the bat to the audience. He was also hugged by his teammates. When he went out with a big smile, he gave the impression that he played the last game for the West Indies.

No wonder, the game legend has been popular on social media today, because fans keep praising the legend.

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