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The Ashes are usually cricket celebrations around the world-a meeting eagerly awaited by two great test teams.

This year’s event is definitely not the case. On the other side of the world, this is a grand event celebrating cricket. Australia The players are proud of their country. The tourists have not had such a pleasant time; in fact, it is already a shame for England.

They failed miserably in the first test, wicking behind the host. The second test is slightly better; protector Describes how they had failed 275 times in the series as early as the third test and faced failure. This will enable Australia to open the gap between the two series in the history of the game; Bwin on the Ashes Infographic It focuses on how they beat England’s 32 wins with 33. However, they put more emphasis on these victories; they have now won 138 tests compared to 108 in England.

Although this winter is doom and gloom for tourists, England cricket fans do have some fond memories to look back on. Instead of listening to the third test for more pain, maybe England fans will better re-examine these moments from history.

1981-Botham’s ashes

Ian’ Beefy’ Botham is still revered as one of the greatest British in history, and this reputation largely comes from his performance in the ashes of 1981. The beginning was not smooth. After two defeats in the series, he was stripped of his role as captain, but then he unloaded the burden and entered his best form. In the third test, he scored 149 points and was not back on track. His bowling ensured a victory in Edgbaston in the fourth test. In the fifth test, he hit 6 6s, 13 4s and ended with 108. This allowed Australia to win with 506 points, and they finished the game with 103 points.

2005-Freddie’s ashes

The England team performed well in 2005, when the Australian team won 239 games in the first test. The second test was a nail, and England won by only two points before the third test. In the fourth test, Andrew’Freddie’ Flintoff became the hero. In an exciting game, he was the best player of the game, the England team won with three wickets; he was the winner of the ball and the bat. His late collaboration with Kevin Pietersen produced 46 games and helped ensure a victory, which meant that the series could only be tied. In the last game, the bad light stopped the game. England won the Ashes 2-1 and Flintoff became a household name.

2009-Monti’s ashes

It was called the “Great Escape”, and the first test in 2009 finally became crucial. England lost to tourists 5-0 in 2007. They almost beat Australia and declared 674/4, which was their largest total score against England since 1934. Before the end of the day, England had 219 games behind. They resumed the game at 20/2 and soon lost three more wickets. The game seems to be over, but Monty Panesar and James Anderson have other ideas. They were the last partners, and it was not a tie until 18:40 in the evening. In the end, England won the series with a score of 2-1, thanks to the oval that won 197 games in the fifth game.


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