can he deliver England the trophy?

If Chris Gayle is considered the greatest international T20 batsman of all time, then where does that leave Jos Buttler who has a better average and strike rate? Indeed, the West Indian left-hander averaged 27.92 with a strike rate of 137.50 whilst the Englishman currently averages 32.75 with a strike rate of 142.57.

The stats, in this case, don’t lie, Buttler is ahead of Gayle and is arguably the most sensational player ever to pick up a bat in the shortest format which is, unsurprisingly, why he is usually one of the top picks in the mega auction at the Indian Premier League.

Jos the Boss will arrive in Australia as the most feared batsman

Of course, when it comes to debating the greatest of all-time, it’s virtually impossible to find unanimous agreement across the board but one fact that can’t be disputed is that there won’t be a better batsman than Buttler at the 2022 T20 World Cup. Remarkably, the 32-year-old is coming off the back of a Tata IPL season where he was awarded the Most Valuable Player title after scoring 863 runs in 17 matches at an average of 57.53. Perhaps most extraordinary still, is that Buttler notched up those runs whilst scoring at a strike rate of 149.05. In short, there isn’t a player in better form or with a better career pedigree making their way to play in Australia. With this in mind, can the Taunton-born batsman who is now also the new captain of the national T20 team deliver his country a second World Cup in the shortest format? It should be said that the most recent T20 World Cup odds at Betway indicate that this a distinct possibility with England priced at just 15/4 to go all the way, as of the 7th of October.

Those are competitive odds and it’s easy to see why the team has been backed to do well in Australia. One of the main reasons for this is, of course, the dynamic bastman Buttler who has all the skills to ensure a famous World Cup win for England.

What makes Buttler great?

Whenever most people imagine a typical T20 batsman, they immediately think of someone who violently takes on the opposition attack with little regard for their own wicket. This is, after all, a format where technique and strokeplay are often disregarded for heaves and slogs. Indeed , if you like your cricket with a touch of elegance then T20 is not the format for you. However, Buttler, who despite being a short-format genius, admirably always tries to learn as much as possible from those around him, has carved out one of the most swashbuckling T20 careers whilst playing with a refreshing refinement. Yes, the Englishman is also renowned for innovative ramps and daring reverse sweeps as his time in the middle goes on. Still, the foundation of his innings is built on a graceful technique that would soothe the eyes of even the most disgruntled T20 skeptic.

You may be now wondering how this will help England in their quest to lift the T20 World Cup and the answer is simple; it is this unwavering commitment to finding the gaps with a sweetly timed shot that gives England the most dynamic opening partnership at the tournament. Adding on to that, the 32-year-old was recently in conversation with ESPN where he reaffirmed his commitment to beating the infield in the powerplay rather than playing with reckless abandon from ball one. Buttler refers to it as managing risk and stressed the importance of not getting impatient whilst he gets his eye in. In other words, choosing to play through the line in an unorthodox fashion early on is, according to Buttler, the key to setting England up for a match-winning score.

When you hear the wicket-keeper batsman talking like this, you can suddenly get a better understanding of why his career has reached new heights in the last few years. Indeed, this mature approach which is complemented by an array of shots that would make the tie-wearing traditionalists blush, has given him a solid base in the initial stages of his innings in which to declare a merciless assault on the opposition as the ball gets older. When the ball does soften, this is where we see the 32-year -old dramatically go through the gears which gives the world a chance to see his innovation with bat in hand.

A frightening transition from elegant to unforgiving

Yes, there is no going back once Buttler is in and this also usually means that no one on the ground is safe as he begins to launch the white ball high into the dark night sky. At this stage, the terrified crowd always looks to be scrambling for safety as the Englishman’s sixes rain down onto the terraces. It is a remarkable transition given that in the blink of an eye, the softly spoken man from the quiet southwest of England has seemingly turned into a six-hitting lunatic who will seek to bludgeon any ball that misses its mark. The reality, however, is that it is an incredibly structured innings that has been carefully thought out.

This is the player England have on their hands; sensible, skilled and ruthless, and who might well take them to T20 World Cup glory on his own.

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