Can Hamid in good condition push the balance to England?

Published on: July 22, 2021

On Wednesday, November 9, 2016, Haseeb Hameed played in Rajkot’s Khandheri Cricket Ground. This is the first day: this venue holds a test match for the first time, and Hamid represents England in this level of competition for the first time.

The pressure must be on Hamid’s shoulders. Not only because since Andrew Strauss retired in 2012, discussions and debates about who is the best batsman partnered by Alastair Cook at the highest level have been going on, but also because in Rajko When Te was a defender, Hamid became the second teenager to represent England in the test for the first time since 1949.

That summer, Hameed defeated the county championship game with a score of 49.91, ran 1,198 times. This makes him the youngest batsman to score 1,000 points for Lancashire. The total includes two centuries in a game against Yorkshire, which makes him the youngest player ever to make two tons in a first-class game in England.

Well, England fans may be able to forgive them for the excitement of seeing Hamid score 31 points in Rajkot’s first game, and then an impressive 82-point help in 180 games with Cook in the second game. England scored a tie in the first test of the series. The young batsman has no “obvious flaws”, has “huge potential” and “looks like Cook’s best partner since Strauss retired.” Jonathan Agnew said at the time.

In the next two tests (playing another half a century in the third test), Hamid was excluded from fourth place due to injury and was replaced by Keaton Jennings. After that, everything seemed to fall apart. Hamid performed poorly in both the 2017 and 2018 County Championships, where he ran only 165 times in 17 innings with a record of 9.71. Although England is still struggling to find consistency at the top of the rankings, it keeps him away from the test team.

Now, five years after Rajkot’s debut, after a series of impressive performances in Nottinghamshire, the revitalized Hamid has returned to the competition. The count of runs in the County Championship has reappeared: Hamid has averaged 45.85 points per game in 9 games this season, including 642 points, including 2 tons and 4 and a half centuries. He participated in the recent series against New Zealand and was once again called up to participate in the first two Tests against India.

This time, he may compete with England for the XI position and once again encounter the familiar problem of the opening pair.A selection of all top online bookmakers Let England be the favorite in the first test. If Hamid can reproduce his county status and provide him with 246 goals and 112 performances against the Indian Tour team, it looks very valuable. In the recent warm-up match.

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