Cameron Green Reclaims No. 4 Spot in Australia’s Test Side, Expresses Confidence in Natural Game


After a period of absence, Cameron Green is set to return to Australia’s Test side against West Indies, where he will take on the crucial No. 4 batting position. Green, known for his all-round abilities, expressed his excitement and gratitude for the opportunity, stating, “I feel like No. 4 is my natural game, where I can take my time and get myself in.”

Green’s return to the Test side comes after a challenging period, which he described as “a tough year.” Despite the difficulties, he remains confident in his abilities, saying, “I don’t feel any pressure. Obviously replacing someone like Steve is pretty tough. But I’m just going to play my own way.” Green also expressed his appreciation for the selectors’ confidence in him, acknowledging that he needs to perform on the field to validate their trust, stating, “It’s always nice when you get that from the coaching staff and the selectors. But you’ve got to also showcase on the main stage.”

Reflecting on his past performances, Green acknowledged the challenges he faced, including a demanding schedule that affected his form. He mentioned that the past year was a valuable learning experience, saying, “I always knew it was going to be a tough year. But also at the same time it’s a great opportunity to learn and improve my game and see different environments and different coaching staff as well.”

Having spent more time at home recently, Green feels refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to take on the responsibility and familiarity of batting at No. 4. He believes that this position allows him the time to play his natural game and get settled before accelerating his innings. Green expressed his readiness for the upcoming challenge, stating, “What I like is that I’ve got a bit of time. I’ve always felt maybe a touch rushed at No. 6, especially after Heady [Travis Head], he makes it look a bit too easy at No. 5. I’ve always felt like I’ve maybe had to push the game along where I feel like No. 4 is my natural game, where I can take my time and get myself in.”

Green’s return to the Test side is eagerly anticipated, and his confidence in his abilities suggests that he is ready to make a significant impact in Australia’s upcoming matches against West Indies.

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